The Pro Marriage Counselor: The Top 34 Incredible Benefits of Marriage

The Pro Marriage Counselor: The Top 34 Incredible Benefits of Marriage: So many people wonder and ask about why they should build and sustain a healthy, long term marriage. Well the research is in! And yes, it's more than just worth it it to save and transform your marriage. The benefits of divorce prevention and affair recovery are literally incredible! It turns out that the benefits of marriage are far reaching in deed. They reach deeply and nurturingly into all areas of our human living and functioning.

The benefits of living within a strong healthy Marriage extends across literally all domains of our social, emotional, psychological, physical and of course, our spiritual health and well-being as humans. The most recent evidence shows that Healthy Marriage means living longer. It also protects us from depression and other emotional and behavioral health problems.

The 34 incredible marriage benefits are actually shared by all family members too, not just the parents! For example, when kids live with single or unmarried parents, it actually puts them at risk for abuse and for developing serious emotional and behavioral problems.

Here's a basic summary of how marriage benefits and protects each family member:
10 Incredible Benefits of Marriage for Woman:

1. High Level Relationship Satisfaction
2. Stronger Emotional Health and Wellbeing
3. More Income and Wealth
4. Much Lower Rates of Domestic Violence/Crime/Victimization/Sexual-assault;
5. Far less suicidal behavior
6. Reduced substance-abuse problems (Drug/Acohol)
7. Fewer STD's
8. Strongly Protective Against Serious Poverty
9. Much Stronger Mother-Child Bond/Relationship
10. Much Better Physical Health

11 Incredible Benefits of Marriage for Men

11. Significantly Longer Life
12. Greater Physical Health
13. More Wealth/Income
14. Enhanced Employment-Stability
15. Greater Psychological Health
16. Lower Prevalence of Substance Abuse Problems
17. Stronger Father-Child Bond/Relationship-Quality
18. Much Higher Levels of Reported Sexual Satisfaction
19. Significantly Reduced Risk of Criminal Behavior
20. Strong Reduction in STD(s) Contraction Rates
21. Significantly Diminished Suicidal Risk

13 Incredible Benefits for Kids who Live with Married Parents

22. Stronger Chance of Attending College
23. Heightened Academic Success
24. Stronger Physical Health
25. Great Psychological and Emotional Resiliency
26. Diminished Risk of Developing Substance Abuse Problems
27. Strongly Reduced Risk of Antisocial/Criminal Behavior
28. Major Reductions in Risk of Abuse/Neglect (emotional, physical, sexual)
29. Far Healthier Relationship with Parents
30. Reduced Risk of Divorce when Married Later
31. Significant Risk Reduction for Teen Pregnancy
32. Reduced Sexual Activity in Teen Years
33. Reduced Risk of STDs Contraction
34. Living with 2 Married Parents is One of The Best Sources of Protection Against Poverty

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