Jan NST Part Two

Part Two conclusion from Part One

There I was face to face with him. All the fear left and was replaced by pure desire. I did not look directly into his eyes for that would be my undoing, but rather scanned his face as a whole. Recalling from the recesses of my brain what his lips felt like. His need transmitted through a kiss. How my finger tips use to trace his jaw line. I remembered how he would lean his forehead against mine after an explosion of pleasure had over taken us both.

Lost in thought I felt the sudden jolt back to reality when he kissed me hard and punishing. “You have been a very bad girl.” He said in a firm and authoritative voice.  Before I could respond I was being wheeled back around so I was facing the hood of the police cruiser.

He pushed me forward until my stomach was actually lying against the hood of the car. It felt strange being all displayed out across the hood, slightly humiliating. Pushing my feet with a little pressure I inadvertently widen my stance.

Leaning down he pushed his body flat against mine and whispered in my ear, “I have wanted and dreamt about this for long time.” His words were ragged and weaved with pent up lust.

“Put your arms straight above you, resting one hand on top of the other.” I did as I was told wanting to see how far he would take this whole charade before he let me go.

 “I am going to remove your panties ma’am and I expect you to stay quite still while I do this.” There were reasons I had not seen him in over a year. Once I start with him it is impossible to stop and it always ends with hurt feelings.

“Do you understand?” He asked. I just nodded, caution thrown into the wind.

I felt his hands run up the length of my legs then reached under my skirt to pull the small piece of fabric from its resting place knowing they would be damp with my need. A sharp intake of breath confirmed what I already knew.

He always did love my scent. The thought made me blush.

Teasing my lips with his tongue I could no longer hold back the moans. He shoved two fingers into my sweet spot. My pink walls closed around them as they glided in and out. I bit my lip hard to keep from crying out.

Without warning he removed his fingers. He encompassed my wrists with just on hand. My juices shimmered in the fading light on his fingers. I thought how ironic handcuffs with just one of his hands.

My mind began racing, was this it? Did he just plan to torture me close to orgasm and then dismiss me without satisfying me? Would he really be that cruel?

As my mind contemplated these things I felt a sudden fullness, what I had been longing for without knowing. He did have such a thick beautiful cock. Every thrust felt familiar and I welcomed it.

The building in me was more intense then it has been in a long time. In that moment all I could think of was, “Damn the consequences!” His real name slipped from my lips as the waves of pleasure crashed all around me.

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Fruit Taster said...

So your answer to the role playing question is "Hell Yeah". Got it. ;)

I've never really understood the appeal of the uniform, but it still makes for a good story. Good stuff!