Jan NST Part One

A long overdue NST- Sorry for disappearing for so long. Look for the conclusion next Tuesday!

Jan 2012 NST Part One

I had not seen The Detective in almost a year, but the minute I saw those blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror I instantly thought about him. Closing my eyes for just a moment…I could feel his hands on me again.

As I heard the car door slam closed, I knew the officer would be walking up to ask for my license and registration. I leaned over to open the glove box and my skirt slid up to my thigh. Reaching with one hand I opened the glove box and with the other I tried to reposition my skirt knowing he would be at my window any second.

Just then the rat tat tat of the back end of the flashlight tapped my window. About to curse under my breath I heard an abrasive: “Ma’am roll down the window, license and registration.”

He had the flashlight shinning right in my face so I could not even see who had pulled me over. About to protest, he yanked my paper work from my hand and walked off. Now I was really irritated. How dare he be so rude! I wasn’t even speeding so what did he pull me over for? I thought aloud as he sauntered back to the cruiser.

The minutes drug out while I waited for him to return my paperwork, write me a ticket and give me a stern lecture often accompanying a ticket here in the South. I wanted to be on my way when I heard the car door slam again. This time I looked into the rear view to see if I could get a glimpse of the officer that pulled me over because I was seriously thinking about contacting The Detective to let him know how some of his “officers” behaved when my car door was yanked open.

“Please step from the car and put your hand on the hood of the vehicle.” Again with that harsh voice which sounded vaguely familiar but not enough to pin point. He stayed to the side of me as I stepped out of the car. “Officer I demand you tell me what I have done!” My voice was mixed with anger and a little fear. I have NEVER been asked to step out of a car.

Knowing full well he heard me and chose to ignore me was only making me angrier. “Officer I am certain a mistake has been made. I have not done anything wrong!”

“Hands on the hood of the vehicle.” I leaned over as little as possible to minimize my vulnerability but being in heels and a skirt did not make that very possible.

“Ma’am do you have any sharp objects that could stick me or any weapons on you today?” About to turn around and ask if he was joking I felt his hand push the center of my back down a little bit. “Ma’am, answer the question.” My mind reeling, my legs started to feel a little weak.

“NO! Of course I don’t. I still don’t know what this is about!” My voice having lost all the previous bravado. Just then I felt big warm hands inching up my legs from my heels. “Is that really necessary? Clearly I am not hiding anything sharp on my skin!”

“Ma’am you need to keep your mouth shut before you create more trouble for yourself!” Now that voice was starting to sound even more familiar. Having finished the pat down of my legs and waist I felt two large hands cup each breast I heard a moan escape his lips or was it my lips? It had been far too long since I had felt the touch of a man.

Still trying to work it out in my head if I should be afraid or turned on, if it was his moan or mine or if I should scream the big hands grabbed my upper arms and spun me around.........

For the conclusion read NST Jan 2012 Part Two


Fruit Taster said...

Wooooooah, niiiiice start!! You are so mean not to give us the rest of the story right now! You're walking the line of power and control very well in this story. Me thinks you've been thinking about this fantasy for a while. ;)

AnnaBelle Forester said...

So great to see you back here!!!! Can't wait for NST - pt. 2!!!

Anonymous said...

It's like reading a thrill..and it's got me on the edge of my chair waiting to read more. It's taunting!

Lawless said...

Loved it Calliope!! Cannot wait to read more... please be quick about it... LICK

Big Geek said...

I haven't read it yet but the "Reviews" are Promising!

Glad to see you are writing again.