Sunday Sins

I stole the idea from That Girl and Marcus 
(Running a little behind everyone else. February was kind of an insane month for me.)

Pride- (Great things about yourself)

I am a PHENOMENAL mom.
I can keep anyone’s secret and take it to the grave.
Give good advice
A genuine understanding of the human condition capable of seeing another's point of view.
My breasts “I think” are my best feature.
Piercing eyes
Soft cashmere skin.

Envy- (Things you lack and covet.)

A man to truly SEE me and desire me.
To write like some of my favorite authors.
A perfect size 8 body.
Eat whatever I damn well please and not gain a pound.
Just enough money to not have to worry but not so much I forget who I am.
A job I love and make good money doing it. (guess that goes hand in hand with the one above.)
A lake house, country house, or vacation home somewhere.

Wrath- (Things that piss you off.)

People that have NO spine.
Lack of organization.
Waiting for late people- Flakiness
Having the dishwasher loaded incorrectly.
Fake people

Sloth- (Things you neglect to do.)

Get enough sleep.
Keep a clean house.
Work as hard as I should at my job.
Eat healthy.
Feed my children a healthy meal.
Help them with homework as much as I should.
Get my oil changed when the time comes.

Greed- (Worldly material desires.)

A Disney Cruise or vaction of some sort
A kindle and an Ibook-laptop of some sort to make writing easier
More shoes- A girl can NEVER have enough.
Clothes to fit my perfect size 8 body that I am working on getting but may never have.
Have my house be paid for.
Savings account that has more then $50.00 in it.
A car for my kids.

Gluttony- (Guilty pleasures.)

Reading & Writing
Hot fresh baked cookies.
Rainy afternoons spent in bed with someone.
Removing the staples from my bosses stapler.

Lust- (Love secrets or desires.)

For orgasms to actually cum to me as easily as I write that they do.
Parker-The object of my obsession for far too long.
Olivia-My vibrator- our relationship needs to go on hiatis so I can have a real one.
Being pinned and taken.
To be touched and carressed.
Giving blow jobs is enjoyable to me.
Lastly I lust for a kiss that stirs something in me.


France said...

Removing staples from staplers - that is too funny! I also like the dishwasher loaded my way.

AnnaBelle Forester said...

I like you obvious intentional typo in the first line of the lust category. Even though I feel that I know you very well, today you have taught me a few things about yourself. You never cease to amaze me with those types of things!! You are not only a phenomenal mom, You are truly a phenomenal woman, person, friend .... thank you for yet another lesson. <3

That Girl said...

wow. such thoughtful answers.

Having the dishwasher loaded incorrectly. THIS IS HUGE FOR ME TOO!!

Removing the staples from my bosses stapler. TOO FUNNY!

Being pinned and taken. LOVE IT!