March NST Part Two

March NST Part One

Just a short time earlier, she had told him she'd already gone to bed and to not bother. Yet, despite her protests, he convinced her to allow him to stop by. Dane stepped into the foyer so Chloe could close the door.

Taking a moment he noticed her appearance. Her hair was a little rumpled; all traces of make-up had been removed and he knew she slept naked, so she must have put the cami/panty set on to answer the door. She had never looked more inviting to him then right at that moment.

Chloe raised her eyes and looked right through him. "I am a little mad at you!" Before he could speak, she turned on her heel and started up the steps. A smirk that was bordering on a smile crossed her lips, but Dane couldn't see it.

"I don't think I will allow you to have anal sex as your punishment” casually throwing the words over her shoulder.

Chloe was two stairs ahead of him, which made it easy for him to slide his hand up the back of her thighs and cup her butt cheeks. He could hear the sharp intake of breath. Pausing on the step she turned so she could slap Dane’s hand away, but he caught her wrist and held on to it tighter than what was necessary.

Dane, keeping his balance, took the other hand and snaked it around the back of her neck tangling a little bit of her hair into his fingers. He pulled her face to face with him and looked her dead in the eye before pressing his lips hard to hers.

Chloe leaned into him because it was either that or risk falling, but her anger was beginning to build. His kiss at first was punishing. Dane pushed his tongue against her closed lips, but as he loosened the grip on the back of her neck she melted into him.

Her knees felt about to give out, she sat down on to the step. "It honestly could not be helped." He paused then took a deep breath, "I am sorry."

He tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. Dane trailed his fingers down the side of her cheek. She nuzzled her head towards him. He then slipped a finger beneath the cami strap following the length of it to the golden orbs. He loved her breasts. They were large and beautiful. He liked the way her nipples would always peak instantaneously to his touch.

Dane pulled the cami straps down and took a nipple into his mouth whilst his other hand gently cupped the other. The full heaviness felt great in his palm. His tongue flicking against the taunt flesh and hearing a moan escape Chloe’s throat made him smile around the nipple much like an infant does.

Pulling back he released her breast and trailed his hand down the inside of her thigh. Her scent rose from her damp panties to his nose. “I must taste that.” His tone devilish......


Anonymous said...

sooo...nobody cums in this story??

1manview said...

Delicious, now don't leave me hanging..

1manview said...

Mmm, devilishly good...

Calliope said...

I'm sorry I kind of lost my inspiration. I do need to finish it. I'm sorry just bear with me =( I promise ppl will CUM ;)