March NST Part One

Stepping out onto the balcony Chloe took a deep breath, not yet spring but there was a direct stirring of the senses. Tipping her face up to the sky she allowed the rain to take some of the heat from her face. The week had been ever so long and she was glad it was over.

The clouds were hanging low in the sky and all the lightening had disappeared. The city lights unable to escape the atmosphere created the illusion of a secondary sunset. The air smelled like wet plastic and the crickets were talking. Her toes splashed the tiny pools of water that had gathered in certain spots, serving as a therapeutic release.

The air was brisk but not cool or cold and the rain drops were subtle and felt nice. The door bell broke the spell causing her to reenter the house. Snatching up her robe from the end of the couch she headed to the stairs to answer the door.

There were thirteen stairs before she reached the landing and with every step she took a deep breath to steady her nerves. Reaching for the dead bolt the clicking sound echoed in the otherwise silent foyer. Squaring her shoulders she stepped backwards as she pulled open the door.

“Hello Dane I have been expecting you for hours.”


AnnaBelle Forester said...

I can't wait to meet Dyane!!!

Hurry up next Tuesday!!!

1manview said...

Ok, part one out of the way.. lol ..