The Gym

I have been working out for two years now on a fairly consistent bases. There of course have been lapses in my routine, but for me it was always a solitary activity. You get to know the faces at the gym and when people stop coming or when new people arrive. January is always interesting because you have your “New Year’s Resolution” people. They never stick around for very long and are almost always gone by March.

I have noticed more and more couples around the gym. It is nice to see honestly. Sometimes they work out together while at other times they are on opposite sides of the gym. The point is that they want to spend a little extra time in their day together and also fit in a work out.

The couples do not strictly apply to man and woman. There are these two women that come almost every day and talk and cycle together. They act as if they have known each other for years. They look at magazines of food and fitness while idly chatting.

Of course one must not forget the gaggle of women that walk the track together. They walk and cackle about what I am unsure but in my head it is southern recipes and the latest gossip. While they are dressed in workout clothes if I close my eyes I can envision them in big debutante dresses and straw hats with ribbons. Instead of an indoor track it is a walk around a garden complaining about the neighbor up the street and commenting on the blooming magnolia trees.

The two black guys that I see often working out together are a particular interest for me. I am unsure if they are just weight lifting buddies or more. There is a sincere friendship I see between them, a genuine kindness. They may be brothers or childhood friends, perhaps even partners. Either way the sincerity between them is palpable.

A lot of times the person next to me at the gym is the guy I deemed “Santa”. He is older and could pass as a slightly skinnier version and sweats like crazy but the harder he works out the harder his deodorant works for him. Whatever he wears actually smells really good.

Then there is “Hot Workout Guy” that I see on occasion. I finally learned his name, not from him of course but he has gorgeous calves. He often runs on the treadmill in front of me. A very nice incentive to stick to working out but he too seems to be a very solitary person. He nods his head in greeting to others when said hello too but never stands around engaging in conversation. When he speaks it is very soft and one must strain to hear him. He appears to be quite athletic and outdoorsy. I really am intrigued as to what his story is. Curious if he is from here or from somewhere else. His appearance strikes me as something I would find in Boulder, Seattle, perhaps even Portland but not here.

Lastly there is this really tall, kind of too thin but nice looking dad. I first noticed him in my spinning class last year but then he disappeared. He reappeared recently, not sure if something has changed in his life but he seems sadder and more solitary then he had before.

There are many others but these are the familiar faces I have noticed at the gym every morning at 5:30am.


France said...

I lack interest in going to a gym regularly - with or without a good view. ;) But I admire your tenacity.

AnnaBelle Forester said...

What a great piece of imaginary. I found it almost poetic how you seemed to glide from one person to the next. I could picture each one and smiled at some descriptions, but felt a tinge of sadness with others. Your writing is so full of wonderful vivid pictures. Wouldn't it be something to read something similar from one of the other regular gym attendees and see how your observations differ or liken with theirs?? Great piece!!

That Girl said...

i need to start going to the gym!