March NST Part Two

March NST Part One

Just a short time earlier, she had told him she'd already gone to bed and to not bother. Yet, despite her protests, he convinced her to allow him to stop by. Dane stepped into the foyer so Chloe could close the door.

Taking a moment he noticed her appearance. Her hair was a little rumpled; all traces of make-up had been removed and he knew she slept naked, so she must have put the cami/panty set on to answer the door. She had never looked more inviting to him then right at that moment.

Chloe raised her eyes and looked right through him. "I am a little mad at you!" Before he could speak, she turned on her heel and started up the steps. A smirk that was bordering on a smile crossed her lips, but Dane couldn't see it.

"I don't think I will allow you to have anal sex as your punishment” casually throwing the words over her shoulder.

Chloe was two stairs ahead of him, which made it easy for him to slide his hand up the back of her thighs and cup her butt cheeks. He could hear the sharp intake of breath. Pausing on the step she turned so she could slap Dane’s hand away, but he caught her wrist and held on to it tighter than what was necessary.

Dane, keeping his balance, took the other hand and snaked it around the back of her neck tangling a little bit of her hair into his fingers. He pulled her face to face with him and looked her dead in the eye before pressing his lips hard to hers.

Chloe leaned into him because it was either that or risk falling, but her anger was beginning to build. His kiss at first was punishing. Dane pushed his tongue against her closed lips, but as he loosened the grip on the back of her neck she melted into him.

Her knees felt about to give out, she sat down on to the step. "It honestly could not be helped." He paused then took a deep breath, "I am sorry."

He tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. Dane trailed his fingers down the side of her cheek. She nuzzled her head towards him. He then slipped a finger beneath the cami strap following the length of it to the golden orbs. He loved her breasts. They were large and beautiful. He liked the way her nipples would always peak instantaneously to his touch.

Dane pulled the cami straps down and took a nipple into his mouth whilst his other hand gently cupped the other. The full heaviness felt great in his palm. His tongue flicking against the taunt flesh and hearing a moan escape Chloe’s throat made him smile around the nipple much like an infant does.

Pulling back he released her breast and trailed his hand down the inside of her thigh. Her scent rose from her damp panties to his nose. “I must taste that.” His tone devilish......

Booty Call Etiquette

Contemplating calling up The Detective for a booty call  prompted a conversation with a friend about the proper etiquette of doing so. I interviewed several people and these are the rules that seem to come up frequently.

My personal #1 rule is: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! I would much rather booty call at his place then at mine. When I am at his place and I go to leave I am leaving on my own terms where as if he is at my place it somehow seems more hurtful even though we are both adults and were clear on the terms. A secondary part of location is that your friends with benifits partner should be with in a 10-15 mile radias or you risk losing interest because it is not convenient when the desire hits you.

Be Prepared: A modern man should come prepared! Know if she is on birth control, have condoms, be recently tested. Be smart and SAFE!

Build Up & Wind Down: Although it has been established that you are in fact friends with benefits still you need to give a girl a little consideration. Do not rush her straight into the bedroom. Offer her a glass of wine or something and when it is all said and done give her a few minutes to breath, straighten her hair, retouch up her make-up and get redressed. Rushing her out the door is rude and will likely end your booty call privileges.

Be Discrete: If you see each other out in public be polite but discrete. Do not joke or make innuendos about how you might know each other. You each have other lives separate from each other and it is NO ones business how you may know one another.

Look Good: Just because it is a booty call does not mean you shouldn't be showered and smell good for the other person. You want to be attractive to the other person so the act is enjoyable for both. Wash up the areas you are wanting the other to pay attention to. (Especially when it comes to anal.)

Expect Nothing: Most of the men and woman I interviewed said their number one rule was never spend the night. To not expect anything from the other person. If you have plans to hook-up and something comes up you don't get to get mad or jealous after all this is just a friends with benefits thing not a relationship.

Do NOT Abuse the booty call: Calling or texting on occasion is fine but each person has a right to refuse or end it without explanations or hurt feelings. If you are hooking-up with your booty call to often then you are no longer actively searching for someone to be with.

It Can’t Be Done With Just Anyone: A booty call is not a one night stand. Picking up a stranger at the bar does not count as a booty call. A proper booty call partner is someone that you’ve had sex with in the past, but have not had a close relationship with, someone that has no illusions about creating a commitment out of a fling and someone you like, but don’t think you could fall in love with. 

Be Open & Honest: Having emotionally unattached sex can be emotionally taxing. Be honest with yourself and with your booty call partner. Keeping one partner for an extended period of time may cause feelings to develop on one side or possibly both sides. Honesty is imperative to keep this situation casual and appropriate.

Rihanna - S&M

Feeling a little naughty today and this song was playing on the radio on my way to work. It struck a chord with me. ""Cause I may be bad, but I am PERFECTLY good at it!"

March NST Part One

Stepping out onto the balcony Chloe took a deep breath, not yet spring but there was a direct stirring of the senses. Tipping her face up to the sky she allowed the rain to take some of the heat from her face. The week had been ever so long and she was glad it was over.

The clouds were hanging low in the sky and all the lightening had disappeared. The city lights unable to escape the atmosphere created the illusion of a secondary sunset. The air smelled like wet plastic and the crickets were talking. Her toes splashed the tiny pools of water that had gathered in certain spots, serving as a therapeutic release.

The air was brisk but not cool or cold and the rain drops were subtle and felt nice. The door bell broke the spell causing her to reenter the house. Snatching up her robe from the end of the couch she headed to the stairs to answer the door.

There were thirteen stairs before she reached the landing and with every step she took a deep breath to steady her nerves. Reaching for the dead bolt the clicking sound echoed in the otherwise silent foyer. Squaring her shoulders she stepped backwards as she pulled open the door.

“Hello Dane I have been expecting you for hours.”

Sunday Sins

I stole the idea from That Girl and Marcus 
(Running a little behind everyone else. February was kind of an insane month for me.)

Pride- (Great things about yourself)

I am a PHENOMENAL mom.
I can keep anyone’s secret and take it to the grave.
Give good advice
A genuine understanding of the human condition capable of seeing another's point of view.
My breasts “I think” are my best feature.
Piercing eyes
Soft cashmere skin.

Envy- (Things you lack and covet.)

A man to truly SEE me and desire me.
To write like some of my favorite authors.
A perfect size 8 body.
Eat whatever I damn well please and not gain a pound.
Just enough money to not have to worry but not so much I forget who I am.
A job I love and make good money doing it. (guess that goes hand in hand with the one above.)
A lake house, country house, or vacation home somewhere.

Wrath- (Things that piss you off.)

People that have NO spine.
Lack of organization.
Waiting for late people- Flakiness
Having the dishwasher loaded incorrectly.
Fake people

Sloth- (Things you neglect to do.)

Get enough sleep.
Keep a clean house.
Work as hard as I should at my job.
Eat healthy.
Feed my children a healthy meal.
Help them with homework as much as I should.
Get my oil changed when the time comes.

Greed- (Worldly material desires.)

A Disney Cruise or vaction of some sort
A kindle and an Ibook-laptop of some sort to make writing easier
More shoes- A girl can NEVER have enough.
Clothes to fit my perfect size 8 body that I am working on getting but may never have.
Have my house be paid for.
Savings account that has more then $50.00 in it.
A car for my kids.

Gluttony- (Guilty pleasures.)

Reading & Writing
Hot fresh baked cookies.
Rainy afternoons spent in bed with someone.
Removing the staples from my bosses stapler.

Lust- (Love secrets or desires.)

For orgasms to actually cum to me as easily as I write that they do.
Parker-The object of my obsession for far too long.
Olivia-My vibrator- our relationship needs to go on hiatis so I can have a real one.
Being pinned and taken.
To be touched and carressed.
Giving blow jobs is enjoyable to me.
Lastly I lust for a kiss that stirs something in me.

The Gym

I have been working out for two years now on a fairly consistent bases. There of course have been lapses in my routine, but for me it was always a solitary activity. You get to know the faces at the gym and when people stop coming or when new people arrive. January is always interesting because you have your “New Year’s Resolution” people. They never stick around for very long and are almost always gone by March.

I have noticed more and more couples around the gym. It is nice to see honestly. Sometimes they work out together while at other times they are on opposite sides of the gym. The point is that they want to spend a little extra time in their day together and also fit in a work out.

The couples do not strictly apply to man and woman. There are these two women that come almost every day and talk and cycle together. They act as if they have known each other for years. They look at magazines of food and fitness while idly chatting.

Of course one must not forget the gaggle of women that walk the track together. They walk and cackle about what I am unsure but in my head it is southern recipes and the latest gossip. While they are dressed in workout clothes if I close my eyes I can envision them in big debutante dresses and straw hats with ribbons. Instead of an indoor track it is a walk around a garden complaining about the neighbor up the street and commenting on the blooming magnolia trees.

The two black guys that I see often working out together are a particular interest for me. I am unsure if they are just weight lifting buddies or more. There is a sincere friendship I see between them, a genuine kindness. They may be brothers or childhood friends, perhaps even partners. Either way the sincerity between them is palpable.

A lot of times the person next to me at the gym is the guy I deemed “Santa”. He is older and could pass as a slightly skinnier version and sweats like crazy but the harder he works out the harder his deodorant works for him. Whatever he wears actually smells really good.

Then there is “Hot Workout Guy” that I see on occasion. I finally learned his name, not from him of course but he has gorgeous calves. He often runs on the treadmill in front of me. A very nice incentive to stick to working out but he too seems to be a very solitary person. He nods his head in greeting to others when said hello too but never stands around engaging in conversation. When he speaks it is very soft and one must strain to hear him. He appears to be quite athletic and outdoorsy. I really am intrigued as to what his story is. Curious if he is from here or from somewhere else. His appearance strikes me as something I would find in Boulder, Seattle, perhaps even Portland but not here.

Lastly there is this really tall, kind of too thin but nice looking dad. I first noticed him in my spinning class last year but then he disappeared. He reappeared recently, not sure if something has changed in his life but he seems sadder and more solitary then he had before.

There are many others but these are the familiar faces I have noticed at the gym every morning at 5:30am.