Rules for the Dating Inept

After reading about my pitiful dating experiences The Detective humbly offered up a few dating rules to help guide me into a better dating experience. (These are discussed over drinks, of course.)

Rule #1: DO NOT do all of the talking.

While my honesty is a noble quality, apparently I give away all my secrets and leave nothing to mystery or intrigue. A guy can gain all the information needed on the first date to decide if he would like to have a second or have your number disappear into the great abyss.

Rule #2: A man will say and do ANYTHING to separate you from your under things.

Too much talking in my case is the “How to Guide” on separating me from my under things. Because I talk too damn much I tell a person exactly what I want, what I need, and how to make me bend to their will without even knowing I am giving all my secrets away.

He told me exactly what I needed to hear, hit me up when I was at my weakest, and he succeeded in separating me from my under things. Thank god the sex was good or at least what I can remember. *blush*

Rule #3: DO NOT believe everything.

Perhaps he will give me a few more rules, but I had to add this one. I too often forget that just because I am honest to a fault that does not mean I will always get honesty back. I have been screwed by that assumption more than once and I will undoubtedly again.

IF I give honesty I WANT honesty.


slowburn said...

Am sure it was frantic and urgent and much needed relief ;). Be who you are! x

That Girl said...

i love these rules and love that you learned them through 'doing' and role modeling. they say thats the best way to learn. :)

Calliope said...

@slowburn- It was urgent and frantic. I had not intended that to happen but hey what can I say….

@thatgirl- Role playing =) What a “sex positive” way to look at that. I like that, be in it for the experience.