SEX with the EX- (ES)

I am in NEED of an EX for some SEX. I don't want to add to my number therefore revisiting an EX doesn't count. Right???

Whether they are an EX husband or EX lover or even an EX "fun buddy" they are an EX for a reason, however there is something comforting about revisiting an EX for SEX. They are familiar, a little safe and a little dangerous all at the same time. You don't want to fall into old patterns but there is something super comforting about an EX. They know you, your sounds, hopefully what gets you to that happy place.

I honestly never thought I would ever go past the solitary #1 but I find my self getting divorced and in GREAT need! If I could take some of the best things from each EX I could mold myself a perfect man and oh how he would love me and pleasure me in all the ways I NEED.

The EX- He will always know me best. I grew in to my sexuality with him so good or bad he knows all my flaws and all of my talents.

Parker- Had all the ZA-ZA-ZU and good lusty stuff. Oh lest I forget, he had a gorgeous cock and could seriously kiss. So far no one can touch how he makes me feel not even The EX.

GI-JOE- Knew how to get right to the good stuff and fuck; his largest flaw- he didn't want it as much as I did or as often. Story of my life!

The CHEF- Was all about seduction from the moment he saw you. He found what it was you liked and BAM he had it for you. He knew how to dominate and take charge.  He would cook for me and do all the clean up, pair dinner perfectly with just the right bottle of wine. He was fantastic. He was forceful in a good way. Push you up against a wall and kiss you hard. I LOVED that. Good stuff.

The Detective- There was to much time from the start of things to the good stuff (weeks) that some of the heat faded but he was great at the caressing you gently. He kissed you softly, he was all about breasts (a huge turn on.) A breast man knows how to play with them in the right way. (Yes there is a wrong way!) Oh, the one thing he did that I loved and no one else did;  run his hands up the back of my legs. He did it slowly and purposeful.That little spot right behind your knee cap that never gets touched soft and seductively. Yes I liked that a lot.

The Med Student- Red had a mouth on him. He always managed to say the right things at the right time. He made me laugh and smile and being around him just felt good. He was young, perhaps to young and wanted me to teach him everything which could be fun but at the same time I want someone that knows what they are doing.

If only I could take all the good from each one and mold me one perfect man!


that girl said...

in my humble opinion, you have made the chef sound like the best option .... sex, cook, clean. what more could you ask for? ;)

Carolee said...

Someday, we will be able to design a perfect companion .... science.... Lol

But until that day never forget that you are a unique and one of kind woman yourself. It its going to take an amazing man to fill the shoes you have laid out for him! I can guarantee you he is out there searching for you, patience my dear will lead you to him.

I think it is awesome that you have been given the opportunity to sample a variety of candy, so that when the most exquisite dessert walks into your life, you will not only recognise him, you will cherish him!

Calliope said...

@ that girl- The CHEF would be a good way to go but running his own bussiness he is ALWAYS to busy for anything.

But guess what, guess who showed up at my work? The Detective. Hmmmm- me thinks he reads my blog *wink*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The perfect man does not exist, we are all human and therefore we all fallible.

Calliope said...

@ Anonymous Wow- had not planned on it but it is quite clear you think it is a bad idea.

I was just venting. The holidays are lonely when you are use to spending them with someone.

As a side not my birthday was last weekend and that is 2yrs in a row no birthday sex. Anyone who knows me, I mean really knows me I freakin love my birthday and birthday sex with someone special was always the best part of it.

=( Just feeling a little down but no worries they will all stay in the EX category, promise.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think it is a bad idea. Just because "SEX" ends with "EX" does not mean we invite them back into the bed.

Birthday's are important but no need to feel sorry for yourself when you don't get birthday sex. Have not had birthday sex in over four years, no worries. Not to big of a deal when other things make my birthday happy.

Marcus said...

I've never actually had sex with an ex, although came close to it on a couple of occasions. If you are friends, I guess it is another form of friends-with-benefits.

It's a pretty impressive list, can't believe that there would be someone with you that didn't want sex as often as you, he must have been crazy!!!

hot girl said...