Sagittarius Outlook for 2011

Year 2011 Romantic

When it rains it definitely pours Sag -- and this year it's raining romance. Love hits a serious high note in 2011 after what may have easily felt like a dry spell to rival all dry spells. Just when you thought there was no choice but to embrace your path as the eternal lone gypsy, along comes an unparalleled amount of planetary activity in your romance sector to spice up your love life. In fact, that's an understatement considering the amount of amorous energy going on in your horoscope from May onwards.
With the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus packing an explosive punch in your romance sector this spring (May 1 to be exact), love will find you. Try as you may to hide from Cupid's arrow, your time has come so you might as well give up the ghost. The passion and the challenge are what turn you on this year -- forget comfort zones and safety nets. You could easily meet your fiery match by May under the heavy Aries influence in your love sector. You certainly wont' attract any such variety of boring. Taking a risk and putting your heart on the line is what will give you the greatest success in love this year, so what are you waiting for?

With the Lunar Nodes activating your relationship sectors, dating and partnering take on a fated quality. You have that uncanny sense that you could meet a partner for the long haul and that's saying a lot considering how fiercely independent you have felt over the past several years. Love at first sight? Absolutely! The nice part about the nodal influence in your sign and opposite sign, Gemini, is that you can't really help but be on your destiny track in attracting an appropriate mate. The more you get out of your own way and let the chips just fall where they may, the more pleasantly surprised you'll be with how perfect everything seems to unfold in your love life. You can have it all, Sag. But then again, would you ever have it any other way?

Year 2011 Career

After delays, frustrations and disappointments in your career arena, the optimistic part of your nature refused to give up on the silver lining. Your deepest intuition insisted that better days had to lie ahead. Well, good news Sag: those better days are finally on the immediate horizon. All of your battles, trials and tribulations to get your work out into the public sphere haven't been in vain. You can and will make a name for yourself and the chances of you doing it over the course of 2011 are very strong indeed.

You've got the super powers of six planets in the fellow fire sign of Aries bringing amazing new energy to your sector of creativity and self-expression by the beginning of May. With such a dynamic display of planetary promise fueling your artistic talents, how can you possibly miss your mark? Work will definitely feel more like play, but by the amount of cash rolling in, you'll have no choice but to take even what feels like the most frivolous of your new projects seriously. Yes, it's a totally new approach to work, but doesn't it feel amazing to create rather than just produce? You're an artist -- not a factory.

Jupiter, your lucky planetary ruler enters your work sector this June bringing some brilliant new opportunities for you to make money and build something lasting and meaningful. The more beauty in your world the better, and with Jupiter entering Taurus, you'll have more than enough aesthetic influence to keep you grounded and inspired until 2012. You haven't felt this excited about your work in about 12 years, so count your lucky blessings, Sag. All in all, 2011 is going to be a stellar experience chock full of plenty of reasons to celebrate!

Your work life becomes extremely accelerated during your heavy Mars period in April when Mars enters your work sector and then again in November and December when Mars energizes your career sector. In any event, compared to 2010, this year will have very few if any lulls. Prepare for non-stop activity, newness and thrills (and yes, we are still talking about work -- fancy that!)

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