The Model and the Nerd

Sometimes you're the nerd and sometimes you're the model. Sometimes you're the windshield, Sometimes you're the bug, Sometimes it all comes together baby, Sometimes you're just a fool in love, Sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger, Sometimes you're the ball, Sometimes it all comes together, Sometimes you're gonna lose it all.

OK- the first line is not part of the song but this song got me thinking; sometimes we are in fact the model and sometimes we are the nerd. I had a guy friend ask me advice about this girl he was seeing or trying to see but she was just flaky and back and forth about the idea of dating him. Once hearing the story all the way through it hit me, he was the nerd in this story and she was the model. Now by no stretch of the imagination is he really a nerd because he dresses quite stylish and is good looking but she treated him as such.

I think our roles switch back and forth frequently when dating. It reminds me of the scene in “He Is Just NOT That Into You!” Where the one girl is feeling all down because the guy she really wants is ignoring her so she calls in her back-up guy. He is the guy that is at her beck and call to remind her how great she is. He tells her any guy would be lucky to have her but unbeknown to him he will never be “that guy.” He thinks if he is like the tortoise, slow and steady he will win the race and win her heart. The minute she is feeling all good about herself again it is bye-bye to the nerdy back-up guy.

Listening to Grady’s story made me realize something in my own life. When defining Parker and me, he is the model and I am the nerd. It is only when he is feeling a little down that he shows up in my life again. I build him back up by reminding him how amazing he is, that he can do anything he puts his mind to, how great of a kisser he is, ect.. but as soon as he is feeling “all pretty again” he disappears.

It is me that will text him first or ask him to lunch. He doesn’t go out of his way to say hello or make me a part of his life and yet I stand idly by waiting for his cue. This weekend thoughts of him plagued my mind and I realized that I don’t mean anything more to him than an ego boost so why can’t I let go?

I know I can’t really blame him, I do it to myself but it did make me realize that when I feel down and not good enough that I too have people in my life that reach out and make me feel good. Maybe we all are the nerd and the model, depending on the day decides which role we play. I guess we all need to remember that on the other end of that role is a real person with real feeling that can be squashed like a bug on a windshield.


plantpage said...

you are definitely my model. go have some Lucky Charms and put a smile on that gorgeous face.

Calliope said...

You are the sweetest. I don't think I am ANYONES model but that was a very nice thing to say. =)

I do love me some lucky charms. I had them for breakfast yesterday morning while watching Chase off my DVR ;)

Marcus said...

I think you are probably a lot of people's model (including mine also). Frankly, I've always viewed you as someone who would definitely make me feel like the nerd with your beauty, confidence, and sexiness.

Calliope said...

@Marcus- You and Plant are so funny. You have never even met me but you are so very confident that I would be a "dream." This tickles me.

Thank you for the compliment. ;)