Final October NST

Continued From October Part Two 

I look up at you from my knees, my eyes begging to understand why you withdrew from my mouth. You grab my arms and yank me up and whip me around, pulling my skirt up around my stomach.

Holding my breath I am hoping with all my might I will finally get the fulfillment I need. You yank my panties down with more force then what was necessary but I like it. You lean hard against me so my body presses against the wall.

The weight of you feels good against me. I can feel your cock pressing against my butt cheeks and I know what I need is finally here. I close my eyes and flashes of our past encounters scroll past making my whole body feel hot and tingly.

I lay my cheek flat against the wall and let the coolness of the tile take some of the heat from my face. Suddenly you thrust into me so hard and unexpectedly a yelp escapes my lips. My eyes widen and I am sure I look doe like, but you cannot see them.

Your hands reach up under my shirt and grab my breasts. I hear an exasperated sigh, undoubtedly at the padded bra. “No wonder I could not see your nipples through your shirt.” Your words given on gasps of breath.

I want to curse at you. It was you who made me promise to behave, made me swear to friends, asked me to pretend all that we shared had not even transpired. You got to move on to another, while I was silently tortured by memories and your proximity.

Torn between wanting to whip around and smack you and being over whelmed, the rhythm of you going in and out of me feels too good to interrupt. My arms begin to tire from holding us up but I am in no hurry. I long for you to say the things I want to hear, but instead I close my eyes again and allow the heaviness of you bring me comfort.

The liquid heat is stirring in my belly and I can feel the end nearing. With the last thrust we both concede to the pleasure. I bite down on my own wrist to keep from crying out. You lean against me to the point where I can feel the warmth of your breath against my ear and you whisper, “I love you.”


AnnaBelle said...

Wow! So not the ending I expected, but very much leaves the door open for more in this wavering saga.

I not only love, but totally get into all of your descriptive language!! It keeps me 100% involved in your story!

This series has been nothing short of provocatively breathtaking! Amazing work!

Calliope said...

@ AnnaBelle, Thank you so much. You know how much he means to me. Thank you for your kind words regarding my writing. So many people fail to see how hard we bloggers actually work on writing these stories.

Just because it is not actual "published" work I pour my heart and soul into my writing when I do write.

Some day hopefully sooner rather than letter I will again be published in print. Until then I will tease you with my languid language =)

plantpage said...

Incredible as always. Always leaving me wanting more and more of you.

Your writing is so fluid and written with passion. Dont ever give up on this. Afterall that is who you truly are

Anonymous said...

Very well written! I enjoyed the range of emotions and thoughts combined with the imagery of the actual sex act taking place. I do enjoy all types of writing from random thoughts and simple graphic descriptions, but have a great deal of appreciation and respect for something put together so well and thought out without losing the intensity of the original idea.

that girl said...


Anonymous said...

I do not see the point in these stories and getting all excited over them. Stories like this should stay between you and the person you are having them with. Fantasy or not. Seems to be a little much. Just my opinion though.

Calliope said...

@ Anonymous- Do you read? Whether it is science fiction, fantasy, historical, romance or even a biography that is someone’s story or imagination spilled across those pages.

If you do not fine value in reading then why are you here? No one forced you to read my blog. If you look from the inception of it until now you will see a person’s soul spilled across these pages.

For all you know I may be the most mentally stable person because this is how I process the stresses good and bad in my life. Thank you for your comment and your insight. I encourage you to read some of the poetry or prose. Perhaps you will find more value in that.


Anonymous said...

In fact I do read. I am an avid reader and have read different kinds of poetry and prose.

I am read several different pieces from you and like both of them. However, I feel certain aspects of one's live should be private.

I agree that any writer puts their heart, mind, body and soul into their work and even some blood, sweat, and tears. However, anything that invokes this much passion (soul) should stay btwn the two people who created it, is all I am saying.

Calliope said...

@ Anonymous- Thank you for your comment and opinion. If you do read my other writings why have you never felt the desire to comment on those? Why do you feel so strongly about this particular piece?

As "strongly" as I feel about Parker we in "reality" are friends. I want so much more with him and at one point in time we were close to more but then he chickened out.

This is a fictional piece. That is why it is a story. If it happened in reality the only two people that would know would be him and me.

But how FREAKIN amazing is my imagination??? BOO-YEAH BABY!!!!