Online Dating

So I went to a Chamber Event for work last week and meet a really nice guy. I gave him my number and was unsure I would hear from him. Two days later I got a text saying hello. Went spent several hours texting back and forth and talking through IM. We set up a coffee date for Sunday morning. The conversation was effortless the way conversation should be.

The issue you may ask? He is 24 years old. Sweet as can be, adorable even but he is a child. He hasn't lived life yet he just graduated from college and is starting Med school. I just don't know that has any real potential. Honestly I have no idea where to meet quality people. Several friends have suggested online dating. Perhaps I will give a go? Here are some online dating tips I found.

1. The online dating industry generates $1.8 billion per year and the matchmaker/dating coach business generates $260 million per year in the United States.

2. Twenty to 40 million Americans have used online dating services. Nearly 50% of online daters are aged 18-34 and 24% are 35-44.e

3. Speed dating, invented by a rabbi from Los Angeles in 1999, is based on a Jewish tradition of chaperoned gatherings of young Jewish singles.

4. An attractive online “About Me” section in your online dating profile often includes a brief description of what you are passionate about or thankful for, a couple of things your friends say about you, qualities you are looking for in a potential partner, the first thing people notice about you (other than appearance), how you spend your leisure time, five things you can’t live without, and the latest good book you’ve read.

5. Thirty-three percent of online daters form a relationship, 33% do not, and 33% give up.

6. Women who post a photo on Internet dating sites receive twice as many email messages as women who don’t. The same study found that men who reported incomes higher than $250,000 received 156% more email than those with $50,000.

7. In the online dating world, women are afraid of meeting a serial killer. Men are afraid of meeting someone “fat.” According to Ann Rule, about 3% of men are psychopaths, of which only a tiny percentage are serial killers.

8. reports that 44% of its members in the United States have children.

9. On free dating sites, at least 10% of new accounts are from scammers.

10. One Manhattan matchmaker’s price begins at $20,000. If a match (marriage) results, a marriage bonus is expected.

11. At 4M Multimillionaire Matchmaking Club based in Seattle, WA, clients are men who have made millions but are still single. The matchmaking service charges between $10,000 and $30,000 for men. Women pay around $250 to be listed as potential partners.

12. In a survey of 5,000 singles conducted by, 43% said fresh breath mattered the most before a date, 17% said stylish clothes, 15% said sexy fragrance, 14% said good skin, and 10% said great hair.

13. Approximately 48% of online daters reported that their breakups occurred via email.

14. On, 132 million winks are sent out each year and members go out on a six million dates per year.

15. boasts that 236 of its members marry each day, accounting for 2% of U.S. marriages.

Information and facts are complied from various websites and research.


slowburn said...

That was really interesting. You shouldn't worry about where things "go" - it's the journey that counts. You say the conversation was "effortless" and that is great. As for meeting new people, I don't know either. I wouldn't know where to start with on-line dating. So good luck to you! I like old fashioned eyes across a crowded room, a smile in a gym, met at a friends party. That kind of stuff. Does that still happen? The world feels so mechanised now! Maybe I am too old. Anyway, you'll be a great catch for whoever.

Passion Diva said...

Hey Girl,
On-Line dating worked for my brother and his wife of 4 years now. They have a beautiful baby girl and a wonderful life together. Give it a go and see what happens. Nothing but the best for you. I love you girl, and wish you all the best.