My 200th Post!!!

My 200th post is going to be about me showing off the homemade peach pie I made today. I am really quite proud of it.

Imagine how delicious it would feel in your mouth... the peach filling coating your tongue, awaking your taste buds to succulent flavors.

Biting in to the tiny fleshy bits of the peaches; letting them slide down your throat.


See the tiny sugar crystals on the golden brown crust glistening in the light? It is beckoning for you to to take a bite.

 Now I just need a man to offer my peach pie to.


Big Geek said...

Muahahaha Nice post... Very nice peaches.

AnnaBelle said...


who knew peach pie could be so erotic.... lol..

I love this post!!!

slowburn said...

It looks yummy! And so does the woman who made it! I hope you were thinking naughty thoughts whilst cooking! That way anyone who eats it will have naughty thoughts too!

plantpage said...

Congrats on number 200. Such wonderful writing. My fav pic of course is # 4. Thats what I want to eat and devour.

Calliope said...

Why thank you everyone, the peach pie was quite divine!