September NST-Part One

He invited me over for a glass of wine and I foolishly agreed. I did enjoy his company when he was brave enough to lower his guard and let me in just a little.

Seeing the familiar fatigues draped over the back of the chair, I closed my eyes and inhaled a deep breath. I thought I had put him out of my mind, I thought I had rid him from my thoughts but he slowly crept back in without my permission.

Needing just a second more so I could steady my nerves, I kept my eyes closed. As I breathed in and out his smell filled my nostrils creating a flash of images to scroll past. Memories of falling out of his bed, laughing as I looked into his brown eyes, wanting to touch the scar above his brow consumed me.

Feeling his breath on my ear, I leaned back into him. Through my dress pants I could feel his semi hard cock on my butt cheeks, I knew right then I was in trouble.

I forced my brain to tell my eyes to open and make my feet take a few steps forward. In doing so GI-Joe’s hands slid down the length of my arms and fell to his sides. Spinning on his heel as he casually threw over his shoulder, “How about that glass of wine?” acting as if he was completely unaffected by my presences.

“Umm…Sure, but I can only stay a few minutes then I need to get home.” I watched as he methodically took out the two wine glasses and rinsed them under the running water. He then tore off two paper towels and dried each glass thoroughly before setting it back on to the counter.

He selected a bottle of red wine from several sitting neatly in the wine caddy. He popped the cork out and tilted the wine glass to a slight angel. The crimson liquid flowed into the glass smoothly then he handed me one and poured the other.

I raised the glass to take a sip and paused to look at him, I mean really look at him. My mind was reeling with what I should do and what I wanted to do. My mind was made up; my clothes were staying on this time! I was here as a friend saying hello and enjoying a glass of wine that is it.

“What do you think?” He asked looking right at me.

“I’m sorry what?” Staring at him dumbfounded or spellbound, I have not decided which. “About the wine, do you like it?”

“Oh, yes it is quite nice.” Swirling the last little bit in the bottom of the glass, I took the final sip. Before I could even put the glass down on the counter GI-Joe snatched it from my hand and placed it on the counter. He stepped forward grabbing me around the waist and then his lips were on mine.

The heady scent of the wine exchanged back and forth, as our tongues mingled together. I barley felt myself taking backward steps until my back was firmly pushed into the wall. He raised my wrists above my head and ripped my blouse open.

Hearing the buttons hit the tiled floor as he leaned down to devour my breasts, my mind was screaming stop, but my body did not want to listen.

To Be Continued……


AnnaBelle said...

I love all of your very descriptive little details, they really enhance the color of this vision!

To be continued.........

Crazy Brunette said...

Hot, very hot chick!

Sueie said...

Very very hot missy miss...

Calliope said...

@ CB and Sueie, Thank you for following and commenting. I have been peruesing your blogs as well =) Have to find more time to read, more time to write, more time fore sleep. There is just never enough time.

Big Geek said...

I have to agree with AnnaBelle the word choice and flow really deliver a feeling of being there seeing all the bright and vivid color and feeling the sensations including paralysis.