September NST Part Two

The buttons hit the floor and my mind was telling me this was a really bad idea. It wasn't that I did not want to but more that his dismissive ways afterwards had grown tiresome.

As my mind began building a defense I could feel my knees begin to sway. "STOP!" I grabbed his head and pulled it towards my face and away from my breasts.

"I think the wine has gone to my head, excuse me for a minute." I stated all breathless. He looked at me with the chocolate brown eyes and I could see the need and desire dancing in them.

As I walked toward the bathroom I tried to pull the shirt closed over my exposed breasts. Closing the bathroom I looked at my reflection. Several minutes passed as I leaned against the porcelain pedestal sink. A soft knock echoed through the small bathroom.

"Are you ok? Can I come in?" His smooth voice entered the room as he pushed the door open before waiting to hear my response. He now had his shirt off and looking at his bare chest made me want to spread my hands across the broadness and rake my nails down the front.

Without warning he leaned in and aggressively took a kiss from me. My hands went up and push against his chest. "I cannot do this. It is only when it is convenient to you and that does not work for me."

"I missed you." He said. "Just let me touch you." His hands reached for the button of my dress pants. I began to struggle against him to twist away from him.

"But it never ends with just a little touching." I felt my resolve caving as he nuzzled into my neck with kisses as he simultaneously undid my dress pants and had them and my panties down at my knees in one swift motion.

"Just a little bit." as his lips met mine again. Then his fingers were moving inside me. "You know you want this!" He pulled away. His withdraw took the fullness of his fingers. I opened my eyes and looked at him confused and longingly for it to not be over quite yet.

Almost devastated that could be it, he wheeled me around and bent me over the sink. He spread my legs and then I felt his tongue. I inhaled deeply as the sink bit at my stomach.

He entered me swiftly and powerfully, the motion moved us both forward. I could see the reflection of us in the mirror poised above the sink so I reached up and turn the light off.

“Don’t you want that on?” He reached over to turn it back on. Then his hands went back to holding my hips and moving in and out.

“NO!” It came out more in a moan than a plea to stop. I reached up turning the switch off. I left my hand over it, for I could not bare for him to see me in such a compromising position.

With every move of his engorged cock, I felt the liquid heat building. I bit down hard on my own wrist to keep from crying out as I felt his orgasm explode in me and my walls tighten around him. We both just collapsed forward, bent over the tiny pedestal sink while we caught our breath.


Big Geek said...

I know its the first thing that happens but I love the aural sensation of the buttons hitting the floor. that sort of impatience is pure... and primal

I also liked the notion of his 'voice' entering the room. I very much like your word flow and choice.

I also like the concept that you left it "unfinished" Nicely done.

AnnaBelle said...


You are amazing with the way you write!! I love the way you can leave just enough to the imagination but still create a very realistic video in my head!

I'm with Geek also, the ending was perfect!!!

Great piece!!!

slowburn said...

Wow! That blew me away! I am so turned on!!!! Fantastic!

Calliope said...

@slowburn.... As a write I want to engage the reader if I did that, then I did my job.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I felt like I was there! :)

1manview said...

A nice erotic read...