Thoughts & Opinions

I was on a roll this week. I kinda laid in to everyone around me. I took it upon myself to point out flaws and weaknesses despite it may not/was not my place to do so. It made me wonder; do I too freely give away my thoughts and opinions?

For those that know me best it is a quality that can be annoying but it also is a characteristic that is respected. I give tough love, I state truths that you often know but are unwilling to face or accept. I get in your face and challenge you, I make you think. At the root of it that is who I am.

I was talking to a Parker yesterday and I kinda let him have it. My opinion was most likely one sided and very bias, however it was the way I saw it. Like it or not he asked for me to explain so I did. Considering I was harsh I felt he took all of what I said well. He disagreed on some things and conceded on others.

I want the people in my life that truly matter to me to be stronger, be braver, demand better, ask for more, believe they deserve the best. I guess I try to much to make people be like me.

I want to let the good things cultivate and harvest in my soul. I want them to be the building blocks of making a better me. I guess I want the same for the people I really care about.


cjn said...

You are right!! Sometimes your upfront, in your face personality can be hard to face, but more often than not, after being on the receiving end of one of our conversations, I take the time to reflect on your words... I then realize you were not only more right than I realized, but more importantly, you are usually looking out for me and your strong or seemingly opinionated words are simply You being protective and honest with the ones you love. And yes, I not only respect that quality in you, I admire it, very much!!!

Yes, still no. 1....wink.

Fruit Taster said...

I've always liked and respected people who are upfront and straightforward like that. I find that it requires an ability to express words in a way that coats them with good intentions. The same words expressed by someone else would be taken very harshly. It's a very special ability you have, one I wish I had.