June NST

I knocked on the door even though he knew I was coming over. I heard the familiar, "It's open hun." I have not decided if I like this greeting. "Hun" seems condescending in some way but from his lips it is almost endearing.

I opened the door and saw him sitting on the big sectional. I could hear some sort of sport playing on the television but when I entered I had his attention. He had on a t-shirt that he must have shrank in the dryer and a pair of boxers. Sliding my feet out of my heels I set my purse on the floor next to them.

"How was your week?" I asked as I began taking off my earrings. "It was busy and stressful." he replied. I slipped the gold bracelets over my hand and placed them into my purse. "MMM... I can relate."

Walking towards the couch his phone rang. It was sitting on the recliner so I picked it up to hand it to him. I excused myself and went to the bathroom so he could talk in private despite the use of his speaker phone.

The heat had made my make-up look smeared but then again what I was about to engage in was going to make it worse. When I heard him end his call I emerged from the bathroom. I took a seat on the couch over in the corner of the sectional. I wanted a chance to just look at him, to see him, observe him. The way he purses his lips when he is thinking or being serious.

He truly is adorable and mysterious. I longed to touch him. I inched over towards him until I could touch his face. Run my hand across his military hair cut and then planted a kiss on his lips. A wanton moan escaped my lips.

After a few heated kisses I had to adjust my body. He reached for my breast. "You are braless?" he asked with a child like smirk. "No I already took it off. It was the complicated one." I smiled when I saw a light flicker across his eyes remembering one of our previous encounters.

I wanted to be closer to him. Sliding my fingers beneath the thread bare boxers I found what I was looking for, his very hard beautiful cock. I threaded my fingers around it as my lips found his lips again. His kisses had gotten better, more sensual. We were becoming more in tuned to one another.

The need started to build. I wanted to have him in my mouth, I wanted to have him in me. My need was matched by his. He lifted his butt so I could slip his boxers off. I took him into my mouth fully. Sliding my mouth and hands up and down his shaft. Hearing him moan turned me on. Knowing I was making him want me.

"Let's go to the bedroom." He stated in a tone that meant there was no room for objections. I stood and unbuttoned my dress pants. I stepped right out of them. He grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom.

I had broken one of his rules, I had made it to his bedroom with my panties still on, however the triumph was short lived. He told me to raise my hips up off the sheets so he could take them off of me. He flung them to the ground. "I love your wax job."

"Thank you..." Before I could even finish saying thank you he had drove his fingers into my pink parts. I arched my back in response to this welcomed invasion. Withdrawing his fingers abruptly he grabbed both of my ankles and spread my legs wider. Then he was there thrusting into me. His warm heavy body on top of mine. It felt divine.

He lifted my legs so he could penetrate me deeply and fully. Just as I had adjusted to him he withdrew almost completely. He tortured me thrusting into me deeply and then withdrawing only to thrust deeply again. "He looked down at me with those soft chocolaty eyes and said, "Tell me what I need to do to make you cum."

I am sure I must have blushed in that moment. I honestly was unsure how to respond but I wanted to cum with him so badly. He was perfect, gorgeous, flawless. I bit my lip and just moaned instead.

He adjusted his weight and position again. Placing my legs on his shoulders he drove into me harder and faster. That liquid heat was building in my core. If I could just let go and trust. I wouldn't be there if he didn't want me there. He wouldn't ask if he didn't really want to.

My legs grew heavy and tense, my toes began to curl in and out and then finally that liquid heat spread all the way out to my finger tips. Only moments after I came so did he.

I can't wait to see him again. That was delicious.


cjn said...

It's amazing to me how you can put so much detail into such a short story... this one ended too soon.... I wanted to read on.... lol... Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Mmm I love the part where he asks you what he needs to do. He probably already knows what you want or how you want it. But hearing you say it is a whole other level. For me it's a big turn on, intellectually and sexually.

This account makes it sound like there wasn't more than 10 minutes from beginning to end. But it's too good. Almost makes me want to be teased longer. lol

Thanks for sharing!

Red said...

Nice one Calliope - I enjoyed that. It's a shame it had to end really, I could have gone on longer...;-)