Been Awhile.....

All of my friends have been awesome in keeping me busy so I won't miss my kids as much. This past weekend I went to a wine fest with a girlfriend. The weekend before it was dinner here, over to someone’s house to hang by the pool, play a little scrabble, working out like a manic, ect....

With the kids gone I thought I would have all this extra time to write but the drive to do so has been lacking. To tell the truth it has been awhile since I have even logged on to my blog account. I am truly sorry to anyone who has felt neglected. I have a few things bouncing around in my head that have happened over the last couple of weeks.

GI-Joe will pretty much be unavailable the entire summer. He will be in San Antonio for a couple weeks, Seattle then Indiana on his birthday. I must confess I am quite disappointed. I have all this free time and I thought I was going to at least spend a little bit of it with him. Hang out by the pool, having a couple beers or a glass of wine, some BBQ and of course lavished attention to my body. No such luck.

I had my annual checkup yesterday where I discussed the possibility of getting a tube ligation. My ex was snipped meaning I have not had to consider birth control for eight years. Facing the single life, the risk of pregnancy is too great. I would rather be certain then have to worry. With my children turning nine and eleven at the end of the summer I cannot imagine starting all over. I have not made a decision, however I believe I am done having children and I am ready to look forward to the next chapter of my story.

Well I need to go shower and get ready for work but I thought I should do some kind of update. I do plan to write my June NST, finish the Four Horseman post and discuss various other things. Sorry for being MIA for awhile.


Fruit Taster said...

Wine fest? Hanging by the pool? That sounds pretty darn nice if you ask me. Good to see you're enjoying yourself.

If anyone feels neglected because you haven't written in a while, they need to get a reality check. This is a blog, not an obligation.

I do confess to having looked forward to your next bits of wisdom and insight though. :)

Wait, you said June NST? Mmm I'm looking forward to that treat!

Calliope said...

Fruit Taster,

You haven't felt even a "little" neglected? Nothing exciting to read? No new post from me so you can pass on your wise wisdom?

Not even a little bit?

Fruit Taster said...

I think "neglected" is just not the right word. I never feel as a reader that a writer owes me anything. What a writer offers is always a gift, never to be taken for granted.

What I did feel is that I missed your writing. I like hearing from you. And since this is a special time in your life, I can't help but be sympathetic and wonder how it's going for you.

I know every situation is different. When I found myself single after a long relationship, it was a time of discovery and positivity. Not that it was easy. Life has a way to be two extremes at the same time sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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