May's NST

Intro to GI-Joe

GI-Joe is an officer for the United States Army. He has a BA in history and is six years younger than me. He is about 6’3 and absolutely adorable. His hair is cut in the standard military crew cut, he dresses very stylish and has warm, heart melting brown eyes. His most redeeming quality; he loves me naked from the moment I walk through the door to right before it is time for me to go.

I have a problem letting go of the need for control, so orgasming with him has been hard to come by. (pun intended) Since we both have dominate personalities we have struggled in the bedroom a little about who is in charge. With my ex I was always the one that had to initiate sex and with GI-Joe he undresses me very sensually, flips me into new positions and takes complete control.

Continued from my solo date night...........

So coming home my insides where all stirred up from all the good reading. I was feeling relaxed and the house was quiet with no children. I slowly undressed as I went up the stairs dropping the cloths where they were. I imagined I was undressing for him and I planned to have more confidence this time.

By the time I hit the third floor my clothing is littering the stairs and my hands were caressing my breasts. The day was hot so the air conditioner is chilling the air. My nipples peak as the cool air hits them and I throw back the covers and slide onto my striped sheets.

I think about the last time I saw him. He was wearing a green polo shirt and it was striped. I think about how maybe, just maybe he put that shirt on before I arrived because he knows how much I like stripes.

As my hands caress my breast I think about how his hips smelled like his soap, his neck smelled of his cologne and I think how great it is that the smells of him lingered on my skin after we part. I think about how perfect his hips are, how they are carved out and dip towards what I wish I could put my hands around this very moment.

I curve my legs and pull myself into more of a fetal position. I rub my palm up and down the fronts and backs of my legs. They are bronzed from the sun but still soft to the touch. A flash of my perfectly manicured toes up by his ears makes a smile cross my face. I like when he is deep inside me and that position makes that easy.

My hand makes its way to my stomach and my own hips. Laying on my side my hip bone can be felt and I enjoy the sharpness of it. Feeling my own hip makes it easier to picture him. Caressing it for a few moments I remember the first time he slipped his fingers inside me. It was far too brief but we are still learning each other’s bodies and what excites the other.

Thinking about having his fingers thrust in and out caused me to thrust my hips forward as if they were meeting his and a moan escapes my lips. My own fingers find their way to that warm moist place. With every thrust I picture; his face, his scent, his fingers.

My skin is now in complete contrast with the elements. The air is cool from the air conditioner and my skin is hot, beading with perspiration. As that final stroke brings on a head thrashing orgasm and my walls are pulsating against my own fingers I think, “Wow, I wish he was here to experience this.”

My body is literally quivering!


Fruit Taster said...

Mmm I find that there is something really alluring and intimate in fingering a woman. I was talking about it with Her after I read your post. Maybe it's because fingers are the most sensitive part of the body, but in my mind it's because our fingers have so much dexterity, they can detect subtle details yet it is with our hands that we most often induce physical pain. Because of that, being allowed to insert my fingers inside a woman's most private spot makes me feel trusted and privileged. It is something that I find amazing. Even now all these years later I love to finger Her.

I'm never sure what to think though whether women like this or not. There was a video that She and I watched with Nina Hartley demonstrating some pussy loving techniques and she was clear that finger-fucking does nothing for a woman. But I've seen at least some women enjoy it. You certainly seem to. :)

I find it especially arousing to see a woman insert her own fingers in her pussy. Not sure what it is. There was a blonde doing that in a movie that She and I were watching recently. We both liked her, and I loved that scene. I still remember the first time I saw a photo of a woman with a finger in her pussy. It did something to me.

cjn said...

I am so impressed with your ability to discuss your sexuality without fear, without holding back. You are an amazing, gifted writer!

GI will come to know your body as well as you do and when that happens, the explosion will be one that is completely unfamiliar to you. My sadness for you comes when I realize that all of those years ago you saved yourself for marriage. When in turn you were shunned and not allowed to experience true sexuality with the one man you had saved yourself for! He did not allow you to know how wonderful and how amazing a sexual relationship could be and for that I find him selfish.

I think that for that reason, or mostly for that reason, you have become the key to pleasing yourself. You have become very good at it, very in tune to your needs and your desires. It will take time for any man to break down that self pleasuring wall you have been forced to build. Not that you don’t want to have amazing sexual encounters and not that you don’t want a man to take you to the moon and back in a frantic love making session!!

Your piece is the perfect amount of you creating visuals and leaving details up to your reader’s imagination. It is just right!! I love this peace, because it is wanton, yet delicate. Just like you!!! I am VERY, VERY impressed!!!

Lilian said...

Beautiful and so vividly written. Loved it, just comes to show how comfortable you are with your own sexuality, something every women should strive for. I wish I had half your confidence.

Bella said...

Your words are so lovely.

I have a serious thing for military men, maybe it's that "power" thing. Or the uniform? Or both and more!

I know what you mean about the "scent of him"....I relish the scent of my lover after he leaves as well. On my clothes, in my hair, on my skin. It's so erotic.

slowburn said...

That was beautifully crafted. I am so turned on now. I like how free you are in expressing your sexuality - which also means you are freely enjoying it. Thank you for sharing!