As a punishment from the gods, Sisyphus was compelled to roll a huge rock up a steep hill, but before he could reach the top of the hill, the rock would always roll back down, forcing him to begin again.

Much like Sisyphus when it comes to love and relationships we push that rock to the top of the hill only for it to roll back down again. Sisyphus couldn't say enough, he was fettered to push the rock up the hill for eternity, but when do we say enough?

When a couple is together and they go separate ways only to find their way back to each other and repeat this cycle again and again is it not much like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill only for it to roll back down?

When I was little I had the belief that love was magnificent, intimacy was sacred and special. That was a little bit of truth and a whole lot of error. What do you do when love simply isn't enough to sustain you anymore?

Love both never lives up to, and simultaneously supersedes, our expectations.


Big Geek said...

I think that most young girls and women are "indoctrinated" with that notion. Possibly inborn thing as well. But if Love and by extension the love making and by further extension sex is a magnificent intimate sacred and special how then can the sex deviate from that notion to the kink that we lay over it?

Big Geek said...

trapped in that cycle is a horrible and grueling place to be . It erodes you hope for a future.

Big Geek said...

that cycle of torment can eventually end if all hope is finally quenched.

Fruit Taster said...

This made me think that there are two situations. Being in a relationship and staying in it no matter how hard it gets and trying, falling and getting up again and again is one thing. Separating and getting back together repeatedly is another. I wouldn't know what the difference is though, because I have always stayed, and when I left, I didn't go back.

Big Geek said...

Hey wow it looks like I can delete my own commentary if I write something stupid and later figure out that it is stupid. Like taking back a drunk dialing. Interesting.