o Died on March 30, 2010 at the age of 8
o He resided in South Carolina
o Cause of death was motor failure

o April 2003
o Fascinations Boulder, CO
o Lived to sereve Calliope's every need, every pleasure.
o B.O.B traveled extensively. He visited the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Mexico, and Tennessee. He lived in much less exotic places such as Colorado, Alabama, and South Carolina.

Survived by: The twins, Paul and Paulina and his three brothers J.J, Ben and WA

o No services are being held per his request.
o Memorial funds are being established. Should you like to contribute please contact Calliope Jones.


cjn said...

Poor B.O.B. I am sure he will be deeply missed and I know you will forever remember his resonating personality. But at least he went out happy. 8-)

Big Geek said...

How oh how did it happen???

Big Geek said...

Will you be observeing the standard morning period of 24 hours?

Calliope said...

Giving awesome pleasure. CJN is right he went out happy and content.

I did slave drive him though. Perhaps I worked him to DEATH =(

M.Rae said...

Ahhh B.O.B. may you forever run free, happy, and content in the land of your fallen brothers and sisters. You were a good man, stable, inspirational and always ready to please. You will be missed.