Libido In Over Drive

I was reading a friends blog about man cycles. He was describing where his libido would suddenly peak for no apparent reason but his need for sex was over whelming.

This caused me to reflect on two separate thoughts; one that I too have pinnacle moments of intense desire and lust that sweep through my body with voracity, and secondly (a thought that I don't plan to discuss in this thread but an interesting observation) if people, both sexes have peaks of intense sexual desire, a release of hormones that create a desire, a carnal need for sex, a longing so poignant, so intense that it must be answered, could it be why we are seeing a rise in sexual related crimes?

Back to my real thought process.......

When I have these over whelming peaks I self pleasure 2-3 times a day. sometimes I bring myself to orgasm two or three times in each session. This is not nearly as common for woman as it is for men. My ex never understood why my sex drive was so much higher then his or how I let lust and thoughts of sex consume my thoughts, but they do.

When I am in one of these intense peaks of desire I self pleasure before going to work. I lay out all of my dress cloths; stockings, my bra, matching lace panties, my skirt, silk shirt and heels. I then unwrap the towel from around me and climb back under the sheets. A smile dawns my face as I reach for the toy drawer because I know bliss is about to find me.

I do not have time for slow and sensual, I need instant gratification. I pull out B.O.B. He is reliable and has never failed me. His humming is familiar and the white noise from the vibrator is enough to relax me. Thoughts of Parker, my ex and the two woman I have had, flood my mind.

Moments relived in quick flashes and images. Pink parts, passionate kisses, Parker pushing me up against the wall. I feel the intensity building then the liquid heat radiating out to my limbs. I slip a finger over the off button and release the breath I am holding. Getting up I put on my clothes. While I am flying high from the satisfaction I am sadden it is over so quickly. Thoughts of more fulfilling sex plague me on the drive to work.

Sometimes in these peaks I find myself horny even at work. Thoughts of sex consume my mind and distract me from work. I am a pretty open person about sex and my sex life so I find myself discussing sex in one form or another with the people I work with. (They think I am horny all the time.) Lunch comes and I am thankful I live close to my work. During these intense peaks of desire, I go home on my lunch break and again slip between my sheets and find that blissful moment.

At the end of the day and bed time finally comes I slow down to really enjoy the orgasm(s) this time. I allow it to build almost to the jumping off point and then back off and build it again. I let it build and back off, build and back off and then when I allow myself to finally jump off the edge of the cliff I think who cares about a parachute?

I sometimes will do three sessions in one. The first is super fast to get me over the hump and it is intense. The second one takes a while to have and often is less satisfying but still makes my toes curl and then the third is so intense it takes all I have to not scream and wake the kids.

I bite my pillow as the beads of perspiration bead across my skin. Flashes of body parts intertwined together in love is the most satisfying images but also ones where there is nothing but pleasure and no strings can be quite nice too.


cjn said...

You are amazing!!! Your libido is certainly higher than the average bear, but is that something to be questioned over?? It is going to take a special man to keep up with you, er... B.O.B. Has it always been that high, or the more times you peak has it raised your need to peak more and more? I can't imagine more than one orgasm in one "session" it would be too intense and I'm not sure I could handle it!!! You are woman, and keep that pillow close, so we don't hear you roar!!! LOL.

Fruit Taster said...

This is much more interesting to read than my rant. :)

One of the big advantages of being a woman is that ability to have multiple orgasms. I can't imagine what the world would be like if men could give themselves multiple orgasms like that. Come to think of it, maybe the world would be a better place!

I find that a fascinating thing, that you can play with yourself and modulate your pleasure just the way you want it, to come multiple times or just once or have a small one and a more intense one in the same session at will. As a man, the few times that I experienced multiple orgasms, the first one was not like a full orgasm.

It doesn't sound like your peaks of sexual desire are really a problem, or are they?

P.S. I think sex related crimes are fuelled by negative feelings like aggression and lack of respect.

Calliope said...

Fruit Taster,

I completely agree, I was just wondering aloud if perhaps when people have a spike in hormones, in sexual desires if it can lead to testosterone fueled aggression as well. Looking more at the chemistry then the behavior and since I am not a doctor/scientist it was more of a pondering than anything else. ;)

plantpage said...

So where do I send my application in to help you with your peaks