To have wings is to be able to lift oneself above the fray of day to day life. To trust that even when you step over the edge and start to fall that you will be able to recover. To lift yourself up and climb to new heights. To fly!

A friend and I have discussed over and over the process of being a butterfly. To achieve the ultimate metamorphoses; to become a beautiful human being inside and out. To me a butterfly is beautiful and strong. She makes it through the storm.

Shortly after I was married I got a tattoo of a butterfly on my right shoulder. It is small and feminine. I went to the tattoo parlor with a clear picture of what I wanted and the reasons behind it. In part it was because like Carolee said I wanted to morph into that beautiful person but for me it was even more personal then that.

A butterfly is also delicate and can be crushed easily. It is a daily reminder to balance strength with love and kindness. Right now I am feeling delicate and exposed to a ferocious storm.

I WILL rise above the day to day fray
There will no longer be gray
For this is what I pray
No more fears & no more tears
From my lips to God's ears


Fruit Taster said...

That's beautiful. I love the thought, the imagery, and the affirmation behind it. Good for you.

B said...

We are all a caged animal fighting to get out of the cocoon into life. Sometimes we are the butterfly fliting on the breeze, or sometimes we are the lion that struts the prairie ready to pounce the prey. And then the storm comes and no matter the strength of our wings or the or crouching legs we fail to wait out the storm. No matter where we are, we must always love with all we have and never give up. This too shall pass.

cjn said...

What a perfect image you have created!!! Yes the butterfly is all of those things... the poem was short and sweet, a great ode to your post.

I will never forget that day in the tattoo parlor, you getting your wings and me getting a dumb old rose... many years later, I now have a small butterfly tattooed on my left shoulder as a reminder of many things.

A butterfly is many things to many people, as are you. Every day you lift your wings, you soar higher on your flight to where you want to be. Just don't forget, even butterflies have to stop and rest once in a while!!

I love you my butterfly sister!!!