Bare Down There!

Since becoming a single mother I have had to cut expenses everywhere to stay afloat. I had to really look at my finances and see what was need and what was want.I thank God every day my kids are still impressed with Mac & Cheese and Top Roman as a meal.

The first thing to go was all the extra channels. No more Showtime, Cinamax, or even HBO. I hate that I will miss some of my favorite series like Tutors, True Blood, and Dexter, but sacrifices must be made and I can live without them. Needing to make more cuts the XM went, then the Internet for about a month so I could coerce Charter into a new package deal.

Vanity was the hardest; Proactive, Bare Minerals, manicures, pedicures and waxing.
The waxing of the lady parts; a need or a want? I figured no one was really enjoying all the effort and at $60.00 bucks a pop I could defiantly find a better use for that money, so I started shaving again and instantly regretted it.

After getting waxed for almost a year I had forgotten how much work is involved in shaving. All the skin irritation, the ingrown hairs and the shear inconvenience of the frequency needed to keep it up. I guess I could have let it go all native and wild down there but the mere thought was a turn off and that got me thinking; do guys like it well kept with some hair or do men nowadays prefer bare down there?

Talking it over with a few guy friends I got mixed reviews. The ones that were closer to my own age said bare down there, while I was shocked that this twenty-four year old said it needed to be a little wild down there. I know going bare down there became a big thing when I was in college and I am wondering if like anything else is the pendulum beginning to swing back the other way?

I polled 10 guys only 2 said wild, 5 trimmed or bare and the other 3 said bare all the way. I weighed out all the pros and cons and quickly decided something else would have to be cut. Regardless if anyone is getting to enjoy the effort I like it better waxed and pristine. I want my playground ready should someone decide to cum and play!

(Just a side thought.) I like a guy to be neat and tight down there. It doesn't need to be bare or waxed but neat and trimmed. It makes giving oral sex more pleasurable.


cjn said...

"cum and play" lol... Very Clever...

So, yes this is the poll for the guys, but what about women? What do we prefer on ourselves, disregarding the man's opinion. I myself, like mine to be neat, trimmed and shaved "around the edges", but am certain I would not be comfortable with "full bareness."

I have waxed one time in my 32 years, and I have to say it was excruciating and dreadful. I can't imagine going all the way. But maybe a professional could do it better than my hubby at the time did. lol.

Also, I'm not sure I could get over the embarrassment of having a total stranger plucking the trees from my forest...

Anonymous said...

My vote is trimmed or bare. I think you're right about the pendulum. And I agree with cjn, your own impression and delight in yourself has got to be at least as important as what men think!

Calliope said...

I am bare with just a tiny tuff. I like it that way. The one month of going back to shaving has been awful. Like I said something else will have to get cut because waxing even if no one sees it but me it makes me feel sexy. Have an appointment for Friday and I can't wait!

Big Geek said...

A good friend of mine used to say "Who wants to floss while you are eating?"

as to the cost cutting... there is about no end to what you can do creatively to cut costs and a little less pride as well... unfortunately I went through that mess about three years ago (single father with teen daughter)

B said...

As for this I am not sure how I feel. There is not enough time in my day to schedule this kind of appointment, and not enough funds.

However it is also not being used so no real worries in having it look nice, and it will be a long time before it sees any action again.

Anonymous said...

Reading this made me want to start contributing to a Calliope Waxing Fund what with you needing to cut somewhere so that you can continue getting your monthly waxings.

I personally can't stand shaving anymore. Waxing with a partial tuft is how I like to go. I can't do fully bare.

Calliope said...

Sharing Secrets,

That is so sweet.That's how I go, small tough everything else waxed ;)