Strong Enough

God, I feel like hell tonight.... (this song seemed fitting.)

I want to ask my ex and even Parker "What is it about me that is so awful? Why don't you want me?"

Nothing is worse than finding out or perhaps just feeling like you are undesirable or not wanted.

I don't think I am awful looking and surely my personality is not that bad, yet they run.

I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I can't win for losing and I want to ask why, I can handle the truth but they have nothing but excuses all saying it is not me.



cjn said...

Woman!!! You are amazing and you are absolutely strong enough!! Parker and your ex are just two men of many, many...Why is it that their opinions are the only two opinions you are focusing in on?

What man would not want a woman like you, one who is anxious to please them in the bedroom and just as anxious to feel the pleasures only they could give? You would be an amazing lover to any man!!

You are a rare gem, I can only imagine that those two must have had something wrong inside of them that made them feel inadequate?

Don't let their loss, be your weakness. Stand tall, nymph and all!! lol.

Sharing Secrets said...

One common denominator I noticed about a dear friend of mine in her relationships is the men. Always the men. Now what's wrong with them? She always picks the same kind; and they always resemble her mother. I pointed this out to her, but for her, she is unable to change that. That is her comfort zone.

I know understanding why they left helps in determining whether or not you're doing something wrong. Might they be the same kind of men?

Calliope said...

Perhaps I unknowingly seek their approval when with almost every other person in my life I couldn't give a shit about their approval because I am who I am.

Hmmmmm good food for thought!

Big Geek said...

wowie... That is heart breaking to read.

Lilian said...

Ahhh baby girl, I wish I could say that they don't deserve you but in reality you don't deserve them point blank. Like cjn pointed out you are nothing but the best, you put your heart in all you do, you have a passion for life for love that they where not ready for.

Any man who can see that will surely be one lucky fellow worthy of your love. Now for me to point out that you don't deserve little boys trapped in a mans body, men who at their age cant make up their minds or know a good thing when they see it let alone have it and so easily let go of it. well lets just say you deserve much more than what they can offer.