Challege Issued

"While pleasuring oneself can release your insides from a taunt unrelenting prison and rock your senses with immeasurable pleasure it cannot compare to a lover holding on to you or looking into their eyes as you both ride the wave of a powerful climax."

Being in a sexual dry spell creates the need for self pleasuring. When I say need this word may not accurately depict or describe the compulsion for self pleasure.

In comparison to many my toy drawer is not extensive but merely respectable, so I was discussing with a friend about adding to it. They stated I was going to become "ruined" for any man. Meaning that I would become so use to my toys it would make it impossible for a man to make me cum.

Now I do not believe this to be true, however I listen to the arguments and then the challenge was issued! Could I go two weeks without self pleasure. No toys, no hands and no sex?

Like any addict I stated firmly, "I can quit any time I want to, but I don't want to." I mean why would anyone want to? The feeling of euphoria as the liquid heat seeps from your core out towards your limbs. The tension held in your thighs, that deep breath you were holding finally expels. AH I am turning myself on just typing this.

I am at week one and I have to admit I want to cave. I am unsure what the point it? What will I gain from abstaining? How will they know if I cheat? I plan to be honest and if I cave I will fess up but there were no sanctions issued should I fail to follow through on the bet.

Had it been more fun, made into a game, made into a real challenge with consequences then maybe I could see the value in the bet. Will the orgasm be more intense if I go two weeks with out self pleasure?

Any thoughts?


cjn said...

As usual, I have thoughts... lol...

Self pleasuring was once a thing that I often took part in. As you said, the build-up, the release, the timing, it is all in your hands! (No Pun Intended) No one knows your body and your sensitive spots the way you do.

That being said, my husband asked me five years ago to no longer engage in uno-sex... so here I am today. I feel like it has made some difference in our sex life. Mainly, with knowing that I am leaving him solely responsible for my orgasms, he strives harder to make sure it happens every time, whether it is before he cums or not... Sometimes he makes sure I climax before he ever enters, sometimes, it is before and during our exchange and sometimes after he has had his "big moment" he will make sure I have mine. Also, he is very willing to make me cum on the days he is "not up for sex".

I think more than anything, he just wants to be a part of my enjoyment, and know that I am not off alone.

But as far as the physical sensitiveness and whether or not it will "ruin you for any man". I seriously haven't seen that in my situation...

Good luck on your challenge and God bless the man that enters the bed chamber with a vixen that has been "tied up" for two weeks!! It will be likened to uncaging a wild animal, I imagine. lol.

If you succeed in this challenge, it will be interesting to hear if you thought it made a difference or not.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I'm just reading and laughing're like the kid on the play ground that gets double dog dared to stick his tongue to the flag pole!! I totally agree with CJN using toys will not ruin you for any man...but she didn’t have to go rubbing it in our faces that she has an awesome man that takes great care of her in the bedroom!! LOL...just teasing Carolee, good for you girl!


Big Geek said...

I have to imagine that there are two ways to look at this... #1 if you use a Hitachi magic wand in High all the time you might become dependent on some rather high intensity stimulation after some period of time
#2 if you keep in practice you will stay primed and ready to go/cum with the man you choose to share your sex with in the future. You could also take this time to explore alternative methods and locations. Find your G-spot and learn to ejaculate. When your body has learned to cum in a multitude ow ways it can be so much more fun when you share that with your guy. And for him he almost cant get it wrong if you are experienced with so many different ways.

Calliope said...

Thank you Big Geek, I shall schedule a "practice" session right away!

Big Geek said...

Sooo... how did it go?... What did you "bone" up on?