Secrets Of This Blue Eyed Minx

*I laugh loudly and usually at the wrong moments.*I find it absolutely hilarious when people hurt themselves, especially when they are being stupid.*I talk to much.*I never seem to say the right things, they always come out all wrong.*I over explain and preface conversations when it is often not warranted.*I am honest to a fault, so don't ask me a question unless you are truly ready to hear the answer no matter what the answer may be.*I can not go one day with out playing with my hair, twirling it around my fingers like a small child.*I am truly terrified of the dentist, not in a small way but full blown odontophobia.*You may see me cry if you go to the dentist office with me.*I really only go to set a good example for my children.*Matchbox Twenty has been and will always be my favorite band!* I love Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.* Reeses's and Rolos are two of my favorite chocolate choices.* Back up chocolate would be Snickers and Baby Ruth.*My favorite dessert is cheesecake.*I am not above driving up to two hours away to get good cheesecake.*I usually only paint my toes a color in the winter when no one will see them but me.*In the summer I do the french because I think it looks more sophisticated.*My favorite color is navy blue or almost any shade of blue, however if I were to buy a new car it would be red.*My last two cars have been some shade of red.*My dream car constantly changes.*It is a drastic change from a Mini Cooper or a VW Bug to a huge SUV.*I would rather take a slap to the face or a gut punch then have someone see me cry.*I hate feeling weak and I don't ask for help easily.*I have a wicked unwavering sexual proclivity towards stripes.*Please don't ask me to explain the appeal because I have NO idea.*Favorite sexual position: All of them, but if I have to choose I would say doggie style.*I like spanking, anal, tying up, sexting, and dirty talk is fantastic if the other person knows how to do it.*I like to eat Lucky Charms after sex, though I must confess I have not done this in awhile.*My sex drawer is full of toys but I also keep Altoids for his pleasure and Haribo gummy bears for me.*I suck on the gummy bears to keep my mouth from getting dry, because I take lots of deep breaths causing the orgasm to be more intense.*I have a growing desire to dress in leather and be a dominatrix goddess to someone.*The one part of my body I hate would be my stomach.*Body part I think looks the best; breasts hands down!*You would never guess it looking at me but I love Science Fiction.*Some of my favorites; Fringe, Eureka, Warehouse 13, old ones: Sea Quest, Quantum Leap, Sliders, and numerous others.*

For those of you who know me best feel free to add to my list via comment section.


Anonymous said...

Your great a chess and making people smile ;)

cjn said...

You never cease to amaze others with your bluntness.

You are a genuine person, who is loyal to those that truly matter to you.

You are a mother who will always admire her sons for who they are deep inside.

You aren't afraid to try new things, and never have been. *wink*

Big Geek said...

wowie... how could any one leave you???

Anonymous said...

These are good bits of information to know for a rainy day.

plantpage said...

You are a very gifted woman. Especially your writing. Your views on life are amazing. Your the sexiest pirate and fireperson I know.