Paul & Paulina

I have been perusing FunFactory toys for years, but had yet to purchase one. When my marriage came to an end, I knew it was time to treat myself to a toy all my own.

Excited I spent hours looking for what I wanted carefully weighing my options and finally selected Paul & Paulina. (A concept similar to "The Rabbit".) I loved the design of Paul & Paulina, it looked whimsical and fun. I quickly pressed the submit button and watched as my order floated off into the great abyss of the net to be processed.

The wait seemed unbearable. On pins and needles I tracked its movements. When it left the warehouse in Germany, to when it made a stop in Philadelphia and finally here to the UPS warehouse. I couldn't risk it being delivered to the house and me not being there to sign for it so I had it routed to my work.

October 13, 2009 a little after 5:30, the office door opened. I don't think I have ever been so happy to see the UPS guy as I was this day. I signed the packing slip and gave him what can only be considered a goofy telling grin and bid him good day.

The minute he was out the door, I closed the blinds and locked the front door. I tore in to that box like a child on Christmas morning! I felt like when I pulled my new toy from the brown nondescript packing box there should have been celestial music playing. It looked so beautiful. I couldn't wait to get home so I could try it out.

Lovingly I packed it back into the brown box and carried it out to my car. I drove the short distance home and snuck it upstairs to my bedroom. I knew I would have to wait until the house was quiet and the kids were in bed. All during dinner it was hard to contain my excitement but eight o'clock finally came and the kids were bathed and in bed.

Fun Factory had included several packets of their brand of lubricant to try and I was smart enough to purchase batteries ahead of time. I stripped out of my clothing and slipped between my sheets, eager to enjoy my new toy. I directed my brain to clear out the stress and thoughts so I could allow my very over active imagination to work. My mind flooded with erotic images flashing quickly from one image to the next like a flicker show.

The controls were easy to reach while the toy was in position. There are two different controls. One for Paul, which is the part of the toy that is placed inside the vagina; it performs the spinning and rotating. The second control powers Paulina, the clitoral stimulator.

My body slowly started tensing in all the right places. My toes flexing and curling as the build got more intense. As the waves of pleasure washed over me, I easily reached down and turned the controls off.

It was fairly quiet which I find to be an important aspect of a toy. While I love the design and how playful and fun it looks, I was not impressed with its speed or power. I had to adjust the toy several times which was frustrating and caused me to have to rebuild some of the intensity to get to my desired goal.

The place where the batteries (the grey part at the bottom) go is made of a very light weight plastic. The benefit of this is that it keeps the toy from being heavy, making it easy to maneuver, however it feels cheap and the battery cover slips off much too easily.

I was expecting Paul & Paulina to be similar or have even more power then my vibrator. In all fairness, I do believe this toy would be more fun to use with a partner, although the intent is for solo action.

Perhaps, I have gotten to use to my vibrator and I may not have given it a fair chance, so I shall think about pulling it out of the drawer to give it another go!

While I was not happy with the performance of this toy I am still willing to try a few other FunFactory toys. They are the ultimate blend of goofy fun, modern design, and high eroticism.

Side Note: My reviews are simply my view. I am not tied to any manufactures, so my opinions are solely how I feel about the toy I am reviewing. Hope you find the review helpful, one way or another.


7.5 inches long
1.25 to 1.75 inches wide
100% Pure Silicone

Manufactured in Germany, Fun Factory vibrators are fast becoming known as the BMW of sex toys. They are beautifully designed with their whimsical shapes and colors, bringing a playfulness to the sex toy industry.


cjn said...

What a great piece. You took something that could be very taboo and personal and made it sound as simple as if you were talking about the weather outside or the ball game played on tv last night. You really made this review easy to read and told a private story without too many private details. I am very impressed. Great work!

B said...

I will never have the courage to do this let alone write about it.

Calliope said...

You never know you may surprise yourself one day! Never say NEVER!