Spread Your Wings My Friend

The breeze outside is crisp and cold
Darkness has fallen, taken hold
Broken truths, fears and lies
What else is there behind those eyes
Into your bedroom he did creep
So you pretend to sleep, silently you weep
Bring clarity to the mangled thoughts inside
In this cocoon you are tightly confined
A long winter already gone
A new beginning soon to dawn
With every new step you take
A beautiful butterfly you will make

Happy Birthday


cjn said...

This poem is so beautiful and very special. What a lucky friend to be the recipient of your words!! It is deeply personal and many of the words mean much more than some might think. Thank you my friend!!! You are the best!!!

Calliope said...

Scars remind us where we have been, they do not have to dictate where we go!

cjn said...