I lean into him and his warm hands slide under my shirt. This is my favorite part of the argument; imagining his responses where I win in unspoken terms of surrender allowing us to skip to the making-up part.

His hands encircle the heavy orbs allowing his fingertips to graze over my nipples. They are already peaked from his touch and the chill in the room. A small shiver travels down my spine and I inch closer to him so my body is aligned with his.

Adeline coursing through my body, anxious for the rest but afraid it would be over to quickly. It was a dance we had done many times but tonight was different. Feeling amped up knowing this would be our last time I wanted to go slow and remember every moment and every movement.

Barely aware of anything except his mouth and hands I feel his fingers undo the front of my jeans. Lifting my butt off the mattress just a little he pulls them down and throws them towards the bottom of the bed. His hands run up the back of my calf and I sharply inhale twisting my lip between my teeth. His hands trail heat from the tips of my toes to my stomach. Every touch allowing that stirring in my core to begin.

His palm makes small circles on my inner thigh causing me to inhale deeply wanting more then anything for his fingers to find their way to my sweet spot. The torture seems endless when his fingers begin to stroke softly at first then faster and faster. My body arches towards the pleasure and I feel myself give over to him completely.

Shivering now from pleasure rather than the cold Parker rests his body upon mine, entering me swiftly. My swollen pink walls envelope him in warmth. He moves in rhythm to my breathing until I feel him shutter with pleasure.

Collapsing on me completely spent we just laid that way unable to break ourselves away from each other knowing our world would change the minute we stepped foot outside the door.

Knowing we would lapse back into knowing each other as acquaintances. Seceretly exchanging hidden glances and quieted wanton sighs. To only be able to feel the heat of his touch through his shirt during a lingering hug hello or good bye, no I did not want the morning to come.

Spread Your Wings My Friend

The breeze outside is crisp and cold
Darkness has fallen, taken hold
Broken truths, fears and lies
What else is there behind those eyes
Into your bedroom he did creep
So you pretend to sleep, silently you weep
Bring clarity to the mangled thoughts inside
In this cocoon you are tightly confined
A long winter already gone
A new beginning soon to dawn
With every new step you take
A beautiful butterfly you will make

Happy Birthday