Charlie's Cabin

Dusk was slowly giving way to night causing all the colors of the sunset to blur and fade away. The moon rested low in the sky just over the tops of the Aspen trees. My steps were slow as I walked up the pebbled path leading to the cabin and the brittleness of the leaves announced my presence to the otherwise quiet night.

As my hand touched the door knob I felt myself exhale the breath I had been holding since I closed the car door. It billowed out in front of me as though I had blown out a match. The knob twisted easily beneath my fingers as I pushed forward on the door and stepped into the entryway.

Closing the door, I set my bag down. I knew I should wait there but I could hear the fire crackling and I was quite chilled. The temperature had dropped at least twenty degrees since noon. Making my way across the hard wood floor my heels clacked. A curse slipped out under my breath, pausing mid step I bent down to undo the ankle straps.

Both feet free from interrupting the silence, I snatched up the offending shoes. With a slightly dramatic upswing my hair began to topple free from the pins. I was about to let out another curse, when I stopped short.

Charlie stood in the doorway holding two glasses of red wine and a huge smirk upon his face. Unsure of how much of this clumsy awkward scene he had witnessed, I tightened my grip on the shoes, pulling them tighter to my body. He must have sensed my embarrassment, “How was your trip?”

“It was long but what a beautiful drive. I’m a bit cold. The temperature has really dropped.” I nervously blurted out stumbling over my own words. He pushed himself from the doorjamb he had been leaning against and sauntered dreamily towards me.

Setting the two glasses of wine down his hand reached for mine. “Good.” He said as he began to lead me through the Great Room to a hallway. “What?” I heard myself say as my feet refused to take another step.

Charlie turned towards me and saw the puzzled look I must have been wearing. Just as my lips were beginning to form another question, Charlie gently placed a finger to my lips. The pressure of his fingertip was firm yet gentle. It sent a shiver down my spine. At that moment I decided I would trust him. He let his finger trail down my lower lip and then turned to take the last few steps down the hallway.

Releasing my hand as we stepped through the doorway. The floor had more than two dozen lit candles and the most beautiful copper tub sitting in the center of the room. He stepped in front of me and began to unbutton my coat. When I went to speak, again he raised his finger and placed it on my lips. Then his hands slid down my shoulders and arms until I heard my coat drop to the floor.

His fingers nimbly undid the buttons on my blouse; it dropped to the floor. He reached his arms around me bringing me forward almost into a hug as the bra hooks released. My eyes fluttered closed as I lost my footing and leaned into him. His scent was that of the outdoors and I breathed it in deeply.

I felt his palms blaze a trail down the small of my back and then up again. Lacing his fingers threw the straps of my bra he slid them down my arms slowly so the back of his fingers softly caressed my forearms. Reaching my hands his fingers tangled with mine for only a moment before the bra joined the pool of clothing gathering at my feet.

He then knelt in front of me. I could feel him glance up from the bent position. A small smile crossed my lips. Taking this as consent, he undid the buttons on my pants causing them to easily puddle at my ankles. All that remained was the tiniest scrap of black lace. I heard him take a sharp breath in as he reached for my panties.

Charlie then stood and led me to the big copper tub. The rose petals pushed aside as I slid down into the water until it lapped at my breasts. “Close your eyes and just relax.” His voice was as soothing as the hot water was on my taunt, tight muscles.

Sitting behind me on a stool he tenderly washed my hair, arms, legs, breasts and stomach. I barley heard him as he stood and crossed the room to grab a towel. As I surfaced from the water the rose petals clung to my wet skin. Charlie's touch was delicate and sensual as he gently plucked them from my skin. Liquid heat stirred at my core.

When he finished removing the rose petals he wrapped the towel around me and carefully lifted me from the tub. He carried me back to the Great Room, where in front of the stone hearth was a bear rug.

I sprawled out on the rug and over to the side I saw a silver platter that had different kinds of cheeses, strawberries and grapes. My stomach let out a small growl as I reached for a few grapes and a chunk of cheese. “Charlie, are you going to join me?”

“Of course” He answered and reached over to grab the two glasses of wine.

We sat there allowing the silence to envelope us. I reached for a strawberry and held it to his lips. He took a small bite and then took it from my fingers. Turning the strawberry around, I bit into the remaining strawberry. Licking my lips I reached out to nibble his fingertips. That proved to be the end of his restraint.

To be continued ............

Joshua Harris

"Real love is always fated. It has been arranged before time. It is the most meticulously prepared of coincidences. And fate, of course, is simply a secular term for the will of God, and coincidence for His grace."