To hemorrhage words, To bleed thoughts, To write, That is my passion

I love words, but what I really love is a powerful well chosen vocabulary. My word choice is executed with thought. How will that word or description shape the piece? When my words wash over you they should create a feeling, an intense reaction, if that happens then I did my job.

These are only but a few of my favorites, for if I were to put them all it would be easier to say, "Pick up a dictionary they are all in there."

Ambiguity: unclear, multiple meanings depending on context. Life is full of ambiguity, intentions of people are ambiguous.

Catapulted: thrust forward with force. I like this word because it almost implies you had no choice, rather you are propelled forward against your will.

Eviscerate: To take away a vital or essential part of, the removal of something.

Frivolous: Needless, not serious in content or attitude or behavior

Incandescent: Admitting light, shinning,characterized by ardent emotion or intensity or brilliance.

Inexorable: Not to be placated or appeased or moved by

Malleable: To mold, to shape, easily influenced. "I am malleable in your hands."

Naughty: This may be one of my most favorite words and yet it is such a simple word. The meaning it can carry, the things it can imply is what makes it my favorite!

Negate: To contradict or prove false.

Poignant: Arousing effect, keenly distressing to the mind or feelings.

Precarious: Fraught with danger, not secure.

Resonate: bouncing around in my head, reverberating off my skull, playing over and over in my head the same sad song. Broken records making me hear all my worst fears.

Salacious: Characterized by lust. That says it all!

Usurped: bound to, chained to

Voracity: Extreme gluttony. Applied in the context of desire or lust this word creates a visual that you just can't get enough. You want more and more until there is nothing left. Just the right word to end on!

To all my faithful readers and followers, thank you for your comments and support. It means the world to me.

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cjn said...

The expressions you use in your writing are very unique to you.

They build the strength and the character of every single one of your pieces.

I often read one of your prose and have a challenge arise within to find out the true meaning behind one of your obviously carefully chosen words.

I admire the thought and the intensity behind every one of your ramblings and aspire to write the way you do, with passion and vivid, strong illustration, built simply by vocabulary.

You are an amazingly talented and gifted writer, who someday the world will all know.

My personal library anxiously awaits your first book!