Reality and Fantasy Molding Together Creating Pleasure

The line between reality and fantasy finally blurred and became something tangible. Parker's fingers were laced with mine as we reached that pivotal moment of sweet release. Hours spent together kissing and touching each other. Sometimes it was soft caresses and at other times it was with an urgency that could not be molded into words.

Every morsel of him was as delicious as I had imagined and I basked in the after math of that knowledge. His lips now knew me they knew my body. His fingers took a journey mapping out all my pleasure points. Discovering what made me purr and I in turn discovered what made his toes curl so he would call out my name.

I hated that in just a little while I would have to leave the comfort of his strong arms. Life had to resume outside of the four walls we had secluded ourselves to. Until we find ourselves together again know you are never far from my thoughts or fantasies.

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cjn said...

As I am sure he can say the same about you (note your last sentence).

What a wonderful picture of a small room with a big bed and the two of you embraced. Unaware of the world outside, but only of what you have waited so long to realize.

Your imagination is so vivid. *wink* Keep purring and toe curling. Love ya girl.