Concubine: A woman who cohabits with an important man, with a difference in social status.
Mistress: A man's long-term female sexual partner and companion who is not married to him.
Paramour: An woman's illicit lover! In 18th- and 19th-century Venice the terms "cicisbeo" and "cavalier servente" were used to describe a man who was the professed gallant and lover of a married woman.

These terms have been around for centuries, and most often they carry very negative connotations. My question is, "Why does it have to be negative?" There is something very appealing and erotic about the idea of a lover that will only ever see me at my best.

My Paramour would see me as a Goddess. He would be my sex slave meant to do my bidding. I would not have to impress him, he would have to impress me. Our time together would be spent worshiping each others bodies, basking in the pleasure of each others touch. I would be flawless, perfect for those moments we are together. Responsibilities paused, worries set aside, and I am finally seen the way I wish to be seen.

He would never see me without make-up on or in my 'around the house' cloths. He would never see me putting anti-ageing cream on my face. I would never have to pick up after him, cook for him, or feel like I have to ask ten times for something to be done.

I would never have to pretend I like sports or his interests. I am not pouring out my thoughts and ideas to a person completely uninterested and I in turn don't have to pretend that his stories are deeply profound and riveting.

No time is wasted putting my best foot forward. I would never see disapointment cross his face because I was lacking. I would never have to meet his mother or family or friends. I would never be told I was not smart enough or pretty enough, or just flat out not good enough!

He would never see me at my weakest moment. He wouldn't have the power or ability to make me sad, see me cry or be vulnerable. I would be perfect for the brief time we are together and then we part, going our separate ways until those carnal needs sneak up again.

Yes, I think a Paramour would be ideal. I am taking applications!

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cjn said...

If only we could all have that paramour to get us through our days of deprivation. I long to be the mistress I read about in trashy romance novels. I long for a man to become so overwhelm with lust for me, that he is overtaken by it. Oh to live a secret life outside of the concubine, oh to be understood the way we long to be understood, oh to find a way to inherit the mind of a paramour. No strings attached. No faith to falter. No hope to shatter. Just one deed, one goal, one purpose.

Ah, you leave me dreaming with this one.