A Little Grey Matter

Despite what I have always been told, I have come to realize there is not always a right or wrong choice, sometimes it can be both.

When in the thick of things you may think you are doing everything right and making all the right choices but really you don't know if it was the right choice until the reward or consequences to said choice(s) are reveled.

Having always given good sound advice to others regarding life in general, relationships and love, I find myself drowning in what can only be categorized as either bad or wrong choices.

Looking back always allows one to see things more clearly, yet I find myself wondering how did I get to where I am? Where did it all go wrong? Is there a way to pin point the pivotal moment in time when making a simple correction could have changed things monumentally?

Not that it matters since I can't go back in time to change it, but how do I set my path right? I feel lost, like I am floundering and helpless to change anything.

I need a compass so I may be guided back in the right direction.


cjn said...

Who says life has to be black and white? You, my friend, make plenty of good and right choices. I don't think you should look back and wonder where you went wrong, instead look forward and see where you are going and how wonderful can and will be. Sometimes a new start is vital in the survival of our soul. You may have not yet come to realize this, but you may just be receiving a gift. Cherish it.

Oh, and one more thing, your compass should always point in one direction, up. He will not forsake you or punish you. He knows your heart and He alone will be the ultimate forgiver. Forgive me for preaching, just want to remind you, He is always there.

Big Geek said...

Finding the tipping point might be a useful excersie at some point bu tI doubt that its worth spending a lot of time just now. Understanding where you have been is important to getting to where you want to be certainly but focusing on a tipping point can be distracting... like trying to drive down a busy street while looking in the rear-view mirror. Its back there and there is plenty of time to ruminate over that down the road when things are less hectic. Possibly start a journal or something... but of course that is what a blog is Duh... never mind me.