Pandora’s Box

After Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire, Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create the woman, Pandora as part of the punishment for mankind. Pandora was given many seductive gifts from the Gods. For fear of additional reprisals, Prometheus warned his brother not to accept any gifts from Zeus, but he married Pandora.

Pandora had been given a large jar and instruction by Zeus to keep it closed, but she had also been given the gift of curiosity, and ultimately opened it. When she opened it, all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the jar. Quickly she placed the lid back onto the jar but it is said, at the bottom of the jar lay hope.

In everyday discourse we are challenged by some of our most basic assumptions regarding grief and happiness. I can recall the exquisitely sharp sensation of loss when finding out that my happiness was but a temporary condition bringing forth a profound question; is there a finite amount of pain, pleasure, hope, sorrow, grief, and happiness allowed in the world at any one given time in order to keep balance?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject!


cjn said...

As I wrote on fb...

I am very interested in your ideas on Pandora's Box. I hope you add more to your thought process. My question lies at the very bottom of the box. "When she opened it, all of the evils, ills, diseases, and burdensome labor that mankind had not known previously, escaped from the jar, but it is said, that at the very bottom of her box, there lay hope." Is there only hope after all the evil? If so, how can we ever get to the bottom of the evil to find it? They say sometimes we must hit rock bottom before we can look up? Is this where that comes from?

Your thought process intrigues me..... keep it up. I love it!!

You are gifted in your ideas and the way you can put them into written words.

Calliope said...

I don't think it is a matter of 'punish' or 'reward' so much as my thoughts were that not the world as a whole can be happy or sad or any one given emotion at one time.

That perhaps I take my turn at these emotions. Maybe they last for only a day or two, or for weeks, a month(s), but then something in my life changes and I experience a different emotion.

When a person dies you may grieve for a long time but then it passes and happiness "FINDS" you again. The grief you experienced passes to someone else and everyone takes their turn creating a world of balance.

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