Solo vs. Partner

While pleasuring oneself can release your insides from a taunt unrelenting prison and rock your senses with immeasurable pleasure it cannot compare to a lover holding on to you or looking into their eyes as you both ride the wave of a powerful climax. There is something magical in the thought of bringing the other person close to ecstasy while exploring new nerve endings and trigger zones. Discovering new ways to caress their body for more and more pleasure hoping the moment will last forever. Seeing the intensity reflected back in their eyes when that over whelming all consuming pleasure is reached as a shared goal.


cjn said...

You know it well, so well. When reading your work it is easy for me to picture myself in each moment, to visualize your entire thought into a reality. It is amazing!!

The deep, raw emotion is real and you are so awesome at nailing it right on the head and making your readers easily come to the realization that you are a very sensual person.

Anonymous said...

I agree with cjn.... Your latest entry has stirred such a foment in me, I must escape into another place and time to ponder.... I anxiously await the next!!!!


Donita said...

I know exactly how you feel!! You know I do!! Noting is better than feeling the heat of a man all over you! Nothing is better than breathing in his scent while he takes what he thinks is owed to him!! It is this one primal act that makes you feel like you are not only a woman but at that moment THE woman! I may have went a little too far on that one sorry!! LOL Just wanted to say I feel you!!