Solo vs. Partner

While pleasuring oneself can release your insides from a taunt unrelenting prison and rock your senses with immeasurable pleasure it cannot compare to a lover holding on to you or looking into their eyes as you both ride the wave of a powerful climax. There is something magical in the thought of bringing the other person close to ecstasy while exploring new nerve endings and trigger zones. Discovering new ways to caress their body for more and more pleasure hoping the moment will last forever. Seeing the intensity reflected back in their eyes when that over whelming all consuming pleasure is reached as a shared goal.

Summer Heat

The summer heat penetrated the house as I lay across the cool crisp sheets allowing the air conditioner to greedily evaporate every last drop of water from my skin. The room still pregnant with the scent of shampoo and body lotion my eyes fluttered closed. I can easily recall the memory of the first time we caved and indulged in each other.

My decent into unbridled lust was not as swift as one would think. For months the sexual tension was palpable, but we had become experts in pretending it did not matter or it did not exist. The subject never broached but volumes spoken in hidden smiles and smoldering looks. We were good at making polite conversation with each other but never acting on what was impermissible.

The hotel room smelled of fresh cut honeysuckle and lilac. Parker had his back flat against the wall with the sole of one shoe pressing hard against the sheetrock. His eyes penetrating mine I could see questions forming on his lips. Was he was willing to break all of his own rules to taste the fruit of the forbidden tree?

I could tell I was going to have to take control of the situation before he opened the hotel door and walked away without ever giving me what I desperately needed. I needed to know him. To feel him deep within me. To feel the weight of his frame upon mine. To lie completely spent basking in the waves of pleasure.

I stood up from the small writing desk and sauntered towards him. He did not move or even bat an eyelash. Gently I brushed my lips against his jaw line and made my way to his neck. I planted small kisses on his collar bone and ran my tongue from the crook of his neck to his ear. I took his ear lobe gently into my mouth nibbling it softly and massaged it with my tongue. Giving release to his ear lobe I moved to the other side and again nibbled on his ear and then softly whispered, “I want you to fuck me, but not before I bring you to your knees and beg for me to let you!”

Small deep encouraging moans escaped his throat as I undid his belt and yanked it from its loops. I tossed it onto the bed with purpose, for that would later be used. With one swift jerk the button gave way on his pants and I reached for the zipper. A pleasant surprise awaited me. He was rock hard and commando. This brought a smile to my lips but I did not have time to point out how sexy I thought it was.

I took the length of him into my mouth and ran my tongue from tip to base. Sliding my hand up, making a circle, then sliding it back down the length of his beautiful shaft. With drawing my mouth almost completely, pausing at the rim then thrusting back down to the base. Up and down I moved my mouth with my eyes wide open looking up at him, taking in every ounce of his pleasure and facial expressions.

Parker had weaved and tangled his fingers into my hair helping guide my pace. I continued until I could sense he was close with orgasm. I could feel his body shutter with the intensity as I flicked my tongue one last time across the tip. His warm seed spilled into my mouth and I swallowed a part of him. I could see his eyes flutter closed for a few moments as I gazed up at him on my knees.

Parker reached down and grabbed my arms hauling me against his chest we fell against the wall. “I do want to fuck you.” With that he flung me onto the bed.

To be continued………