They say confession is good for the list your guilty pleasures.

1. Shoes. I need more shoes like I need a hole in the head, but that doesn't stop me.
2. I am easily plied with Starbucks, warm caramel and chocolate. (Any combination works.)
3. Toys. In the event of my demise, I have a friend who is to come over right away. She knows where to go and what to take away in brown paper bags. And never mention to anyone.
4. Eating raw cookie dough. And no I don't want any comments on how bad it is for you!
5. Taking my frustration out on the steering wheel while playing the music loudly and yelling "Learn how to drive you ass clown!"
6. Last, but not the least... purposely empting the stapler on my bosses desk. Every time she reaches for it I hear, "I just don't understand how there are never any staples in here. I just filled it the other day." It is petty but when you are under paid and undervalued it is the small triumphs that make the week easier.

ps. I had to add a few more!!!

7. I love jumping up and down on bubble wrap. The sound it makes somehow makes you feel good.
8. When I have had a rotten week I love going and getting a manicure and pedicure.
9. Watching Third Watch reruns every morning. (Great show!)
10. Reality TV. It is utterly ridiculous to watch people "living" when most of it is all staged but still I enjoy it so don't judge.

****Feel free to make your own confession, I promise I won't tell.*****


cjn said...

I just want to know why No. 6 says "Last, but not the least...", but then the list goes on. Maybe you need to confess that you secretly like to do things that make people go hmmmmmm.

Thank you for sharing. I think you know my biggest guilty pleasure, but one of my other favorites is making brownies after my kids all go to bed..... AWWWW, chocolate....

Calliope said...

that's funny, i just made brownies tonight after the kids went to bed. licked the bowl and everything!!