One Track Mind

I have tried to write my lust away, to no avail. Attempting to occupy my mind with anything and everything but thoughts of you, you still penetrate my fortress and creep into my dreams. Every night they take me on a glutinous journey that I can not say, I regret.

Poised above me, your weight shifts and your knee comes to rest between my legs pushing them open. You easy my arms above my head and then you hold my wrists tight so I can not move. You try to lower your lips to meet mine and I turn my head refusing you access. Suddenly I feel the warmth of your breath against my ear telling me I will obey you. Completely hypnotized, my breath quickens. Twisting my head so I can look at you, the agony of need is written into your features. As if seeing you for the first time my eyes betray me, giving consent.

Upon my silent agreement you lower your mouth to my nipple. They harden in response to your skilled tongue. Briefly gazing up, you see me twisting the corner of my lip into my mouth and biting down. A moan escapes from my clenched lips. Pleased you again shift your weight adjusting your grip on my wrists. I feel your hand run up and down the length of my torso circling my belly button. Your long fingers probe at my outside lips teasing and taunting. Small goose bumps prickle to life in anticipation. You expect me to beg with words but I won't!

My back arches in response as you thrust your fingers deep inside. Wiggling my bottom I try to get closer and closer to the source of this pleasure. Building a slow pensive need never before spoken. My head thrashes from side to side. You push your fingers in as far as they will go making small circles in my warm pink halls. Just shy of bring your fingers all the way out you then thrust them forward again and again.

You continue to do this until I feel as though I may actually break in half trying to get free from my restraints. My hands itch to touch you. I want to wrap my fingers around the hard solid mass I feel against my hip. To grab a bit of your hair and tug it hard enough to expose your neck so I can breath in your heady scent and sink my teeth into your flesh. A moan escapes from my clenched lips causing a hot surge to creep across my damp skin. My body tightens and finally convulses as liquid heat spreads from my core to my fingertips.

You loosen your hold on my wrists as we both collapse back on to the bed. Breathing deeply I raise up onto my forearm. My hands finally free, I spread them out against your chest as I hop on leg across you and straddle you. Easing down the length of your body it is now my warm mouth enveloping you. Teasing and taunting with slow flicks of my tongue around the tip and then my mouth enclosing the entire length moving up and down. I feel it grow even harder as my hand and mouth move in perfect synchronization.

As your body tenses I can feel you near the edge. Releasing my grip with one fluid movement I slide myself down to rest fully atop you. Rocking my hips back and forth you grab them to help guide. My pink walls tighten and release around your hardness. Up and down we move together until I feel every ounce of you released inside me, then one last tighten and release.

The alarm sounds in the background and I peer out from beneath my eyelashes. I reach over and find the button that will allow me to escape back to where the violent rhythm of your thrusting pounds like a cadence in my head and our hips rock in unison. That is where I long to be.


cjn said...

First of all, I didn't see a Parental Guidance Suggested Sticker at the top of this monologue. lol.

Secondly, you were right! I do love it!!!

Wow, it is so vivid. Every sentence left me visualizing and dreaming away. I can picture each move and feel your need, your ache, your urge.

This is a beautiful piece in its own right, I am constantly amazed at how awesome you are at putting something so private and sensual into written words that any mature mind can grasp. You have a gift for description and depth.

Awesome Girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I finally got back on. I must say that this is great. Maybe this is the one I have been asking about:-). I will definitely talk to you about this one. Well.........I am off to a cold shower.

That Parker story still hits home. Why do you think that is? Take a wild guess..................

C U SOON!!!!!!!!!

that girl said...