Once living a desiccated life
You were a deliberate intrusion
My heart hammered
Incoherently catapulted forward
Forever changed

An infatuation was nascent
My senses are spinning
Trying to decipher
Your languid language

Oblivious to rational
Reviling in optimism
Anticipation cascades
All around me
Frivolous hope manifests

With promises of pleasure
I allow myself to be immersed
In your illusion
Swollen parts orchestrated
In exquisite harmony

Our silhouettes shimmered
Nervous hesitation squelched
In the moonlight
Under your magnificent body
Ecstasy was reached

1 comment:

cjn said...

I found myself reading faster and faster as I made my way through your words... these strong invigorating words... made me desperate to reach the end of the poem, where I could finally feel the climax. :)

This poem is deep and sensual with strong language that I really enjoyed reading the first, second and even the third time.. Awesome!!!