All the horrid drunken beauty materialized
Words no longer shield what lies within
Stumbling obscenely the spell is broken
Doubt and emptiness engulfing
Simply exhausted going over the deep end
To broken to know, to broken to understand
Your fingers were a cage around my heart
I cried a thousand tears
Drowned a thousand sorrows
It was you who made me this way
To feel like I was nothing
A body without a soul
The blade of betrayal
Slowly sinking into flesh
Death is a crimson gift

1 comment:

cjn said...

WOW isn't even enough of an expression for this poem! I had goose bumps from the 2nd line on! It was intense and brought back something real to me.

Dannielle your gift for writing is amazing! This poem really attached itself to my heart, I can't not say that true for everything I read.

It is sad and dark, but the end leaves an image of vivid "crimson" color. It reminds me of a black and white picture, with a single speck of color in the eyes or the lips.