An Original Sculptured Masterpiece

Slow to observe the depths of her beauty
Behind the almost golden eyes a composed aching gleamed
Living a life oblivious to love she was a blank canvas to paint
With trust an unmistakable hunger and longing emerged
A silky laugh coming out as a whispering plea
Frightened by her naivety I promised to guide
Freeing passion and capturing velvet desire
Penetrated by soft slick tongues warm gentle pleasure reflected
Needing rhythm to satisfy, together we were visibly triumphant


fairyqueenness said...

This gave me goosebumps

cjn said...

Somewhere, I am sure someone is blushing in all of her innocence.

This poem paints a delicate picture, which is easily read between the lines.

It is beautiful and definitely my favorite, not just because I have a personal bias.