Once living a desiccated life, you were a deliberate intrusion
Oblivious to rational my heart hammered
Instantaneously an infatuation was nascent
Trying to decipher your languid language
I was incoherently catapulted forward, forever changed
Reveling in optimism my senses are spinning
Frivolous hope manifests as anticipation cascades all around me
Promises of pleasure I allow myself to be immersed in your illusion
Swollen parts orchestrated in exquisite harmony
Nervous hesitation squelched under your magnificent body
Our silhouettes shimmered in the moonlight as ecstasy was reached

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cjn said...

This reminds me of one of those dreams that I have sometimes and never want to wake up from. The imagery it creates allows me to escape into a sensual moment and forget the realities around me. You really did a great job on this piece! I like it ALOT!!