In these moments of exquisite torment
I reach out and only find emptiness
I thought you were extraordinary
But your feelings are hollow and ambiguous
A crumbling monument to the past
A life of phantom limitations
I see waxed smiles on waning faces
A beautiful façade for the emotionally barren
Unsurpassed happiness does not inoculate you to melancholy
My defenses are low, but I will not waver, nor bend or break
Sanity hanging on by a thread,
You are not responsible for the racket in my head
Wanting you was so myopic
How could I not see I was merely playing pretend

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cjn said...

This poem tells a story of a person who is feeling very distant from what it is that fills her heart. You capture the emotion with strong words. I very much like this poem, as it was one that put me in touch with an emotional feeling. I would love to understand where you were in your own world when you were inspired to write with such intensity.