My Bucket List

January often is a month of reflection. I don’t know if it is the “season” or the conclusion that I don't want to wait until I get to the end of my life to start worrying about the things I never got to do. I have put together a list of things I have done and things I plan to accomplish this year or some time in the near future! I may have to keep adding to it as I think of them but it's a start.

Things I have done!

Been lost, sometimes the best way to find something new or discover something you didn't even know you were looking for.
Skipped school
Know how to weld, rebuild small engines, and I was in FFA
Been in a few plays
Traveled by motorcycle, car, train, and plane numerous times. (I love to fly it is the best way to go.)
Visited Washington DC. (The WOW factor is over played!)
Been to Cozumel Mexico, Ochos Rios, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island
I have swam in the both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
Cried myself to sleep
Wrote a letter to Santa Claus... (a childhood innocence sometimes still missed.)
Played cops and robbers as a child and an adult
Sang Karaoke very badly but numerous margaritas contributed to that!
I have been so broke I have paid for a meal with coins only.
Done things I told myself I wouldn't. (Regretted a few the others glad I did.)
Made prank phone calls as a child
Laughed until I couldn't catch my breath
I have caught a snowflake on my tongue
Danced in the rain on a warm summer night all by myself
Watched the sunrise with someone
Blown bubbles as a child and an adult. There is something still magical about it even now.
Gone ice-skating
Been snowboarding. It is hell on your knees until you get good!
Prefer skiing.... One amazing Jackson Hole ski trip in college with some GO-GO-juice!
Driven across the United States
Gone snowmobiling
Gone scuba diving and swam with sting rays (Very cool!)
Laid outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets
I have seen a falling star and made a wish
Enjoyed the beauty of Ole Faithful Geyser being from Montana and all = )
I have seen the Statue of Liberty
Went on a cruise
Gone horse back riding
Visited a rain forest where I zip lined through it.
I have pet a camel and rode an elephant
Jumped off a cliff, been white water rafting, and water skiing.
Was in the Army. Whorah!(Shot an M16, M60 and rocket launchers, threw grenades, drove hummers, and a bunch of other really cool stuff.

Things I want to do!

Join a kickboxing class... (It is kicking my ass.)
Learn belly dancing as an art form and exercise (Start in February.)
Take a pottery class
Lose weight and get back into "before kids" shape
Get published again. (Either in Skirt or another form of media.)
Go back to rock climbing and repelling
Take a helicopter ride
Buy a French Maid outfit. (Perhaps become a better house keeper.....Nah)
Do several home improvement projects to make my house look more like a home.
Redo my tattoo (It is a little faded.)
Re-pierce my second ear hole
Go sky diving
I have never been kissed under the mistletoe
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go deep sea fishing
Ride on a San Fran trolley

Places I want to visit!

Go to Disney World/Land
Myrtle Beach... (home of the SHAG a classic movie and a dance I want to learn)
Africa (To see the giraffes.)
Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, England, the Bahamas
Baja Mexico (A friend use to vacation here every summer and I was always wanted to go.)
China (To see the Great Wall.)
Seattle (See the Space Needle and a dear friend.)
Bar Harbor, Maine (I am writing a novel and it takes place in Bar Harbor.)
In these moments of exquisite torment
I reach out and only find emptiness
I thought you were extraordinary
But your feelings are hollow and ambiguous
A crumbling monument to the past
A life of phantom limitations
I see waxed smiles on waning faces
A beautiful façade for the emotionally barren
Unsurpassed happiness does not inoculate you to melancholy
My defenses are low, but I will not waver, nor bend or break
Sanity hanging on by a thread,
You are not responsible for the racket in my head
Wanting you was so myopic
How could I not see I was merely playing pretend