Seeing you brings forth a voracity of desire
Time alone with you to partake in all that we require

It started slow with an ache and yearning so vague
Now with a mind of it's own I am constantly plagued

All these feelings bubbling to the surface, I should be frightened
But, when you are around my insides are warm and become tightened

Your presence makes me feel connected and adored
Every movement, every stroke is like a musical chord

Seeking you out first because of curiosity and intrigue
Now I know I don't want to stop until I fall down with fatigue

I plan to feel every sweet inch of you
Even your scent makes me come unglued

Swollen smooth breast taking on a rosey blush
Panting and moaning, I won't be hushed


cjn said...

In a instant, everything changed in her life. I see this as the first moments in a new relationship, exciting, fun, special. The desires of fresh love so strong. What can we people that have gone long past that stage do to get that all back or is it all lost and gone forever?

Your gift for writing in the forum of eroticism is truly awesome! I admire how well you describe things, making all the senses within me wake up and say.... hey, how'd she know that!

This is a beautiful, strong piece.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that......Im glad you told me about this


B said...

I can feel the heat and desire that this moment creates. A secret is lurking and desire is oushing its way to the surface dieing to break free. I want this too. i want to look at someone and have every part of my being my inner core explode at the mere thought of it all.