Every touch, every sensation, every taste amplified
Emotions raw and new they can not be quantified

Your heady fragrance lingers from your last embrace
Your persistent proximity makes me forget my place

A smile in your eyes holds me firmly pinned
Wanting to explore every delectable sin

Why do I have to placate and beg forgiveness to mollify
Trying to keep promises, reasons and rationals I won’t qualify

I am screaming at the top of my voice
Freshly grounded in logic I no longer have a choice

It is almost cruel to leave me unsatisfied and unfulfilled
To never experience the thrill or to endure all your skill


cjn said...


I hurt for the yearning woman inside that begs and pleads to come and out and play.

How desperate something as simple as a hunger can leave us.

I very much liked the descriptive words you used in this poem. It is beautiful.

B said...

Knowing this woman is close to the heart. I wonder how anyone cannot see your passion and desire. The hunger she has is amazing and you almost want to scream with her as she begs to be heard.